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Wine Review: Wine for Guys

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“Instead of lugging a clunky six pack to the next bachelor party, softball game, cigar lounge poker night or backyard BBQ, bring wine.”

In honor of Father’s Day, I am writing this post … the first Modern Day Mom’s guest post by a guy! And what better item to review than Wine for Guys (Central Coast Zinfandel). Now don’t get me wrong, I do love a good wine, but I am typically more of a beer guy and a strong-beer guy at that. I love my beer full of hoppy flavor, like a nice IPA! Generally speaking the higher the IBU the better (for all you non-beer enthusiasts, this means bitter is better when it comes to beer)! Strong bold flavor is what I’m looking for!

That’s why this particular wine was right up my alley. To me, a good beer and a good wine have a lot in common. Powerful aromas that you can really feel in your nostrils when you take a wiff and bold flavors that really hit your palate and leave it something to remember. This wine does just that. To quote the back of the bottle, “Wine for Guys is everything that guys like. Big, robust and bursting with flavor Zinfandel in the bottle.” No false advertising here! This bottle delivers what it promises. Robust is the perfect word to describe this one. This is a powerful yet incredibly drinkable Zin packing the flavor but with a nice clean and smooth finish making it incredibly drinkable. A perfect balance.

You don’t have to be a guy to drink this wine either… My wife loved it as well. If you (or your husband) likes Zinfandel, this will certainly be a winner! Let’s just say it didn’t last long and I can’t wait to get another bottle. I BBQ’d a nice steak and some sausages when I opened this bottle and it was a match made in heaven. This wine could easily be paired with any meat (especially BBQ). I could imagine enjoying some delicious pulled pork or ribs with this particular wine. The pairing opportunities are endless. This is a man’s wine for a man-meal. If the father in your life (be it your dad or husband) likes a bold beverage, I strongly recommend giving this wine a try as a Father’s Day gift idea. I usually don’t stick with one wine; I like to try different varieties and brands all the time. But this wine will definitely be something I will come back to again and again! And at only $10 a bottle, I can! “This is not your wife’s spritzer.”

To order a bottle of 2008 “Wine For Guys” Zinfandel click HERE

Today’s Guest Post is brought to us by Brandon. Brandon is the husband to Modern Day Mom’s Editor Jasmine.

On behalf of Modern Day Mom’s, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day Brandon!

(I received a bottle to review, but the words written above are strictly my own)


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  • Jessica

    Love this! I think my husband would like this too.

  • Jasmine

    This wine is phenomenal! Great post Brandon!

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