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Wine Review: Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port

Watching the Olympics tonight? Grab a glass of Six Grapes Reserve Port!


While not typically thought of as a summertime beverage, a chilled glass of Six Grapes is the perfect way to celebrate the Olympics. Founded in 1820 when Brazil was part of the Portuguese Empire, Graham’s has developed an unmatched reputation as one of the greatest Port producers. The name “Six Grapes” comes from a coding system where the wines were classified at each harvest by their quality. Six Grapes, the highest possible classification, was reserved for wines deemed to be potential candidates for bottling as Vintage Port.

“Graham’s…the most consistent producer of great Port in the post World War II era…” Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, 1986

Founded in Oporto in 1820 by William & John Graham, the company has developed over time an unmatched reputation as one of the greatest names in Port. This great reputation has been built around Graham’s Vintage Ports which consistently attain the highest ratings in tastings and invariably attract very high bids at fine wine auctions. This honorable legacy continues to flourish in the hands of the Symington family, owners of Graham’s since 1970, a reflection of their dedication to making outstandingly good Ports through five generations.

Tasting notes

Dark red color, with a seductive rich perfume of ripe plums and cherries. On the palate, complex, with a good structure and a long lingering finish.

Food pairing and serving Graham’s “Six Grapes” pairs wonderfully with rich, dark chocolate desserts, as well as strong cheeses like a creamy blue.

Port is best served in classic Port wine glassware or white wine glasses. Avoid cordial or liqueur glasses as they are too small to fully appreciate the wine’s aromas.


Store the bottle horizontally in a dark place with constant cool temperature, ideally 55oF.


No need to decant

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