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The Electronic Do’s and Don’ts on a Family Vacation

As you get ready for your summer getaways and family vacations, it’s likely that your favorite gadgets will be on your checklist of things to bring. Capturing the sandy moments on the beach with your little ones is a simple moment that means so much to us as parents. It’s our responsibility to not only protect them from the dreaded sunburns, but to also to protect our gadgets from the kids!

This year, don’t let your family become a victim of a digital camera disaster by taking simple steps to secure all of your photos. DriveSavers Data Recovery Engineer, Chris Bross, has pulled together the following list of tips for how to manage digital cameras and help prevent the loss of precious photos while enjoying the summer sun.


Never trust your camera as the single source to safeguard all of your photos. It is always best to transfer the images from the camera’s flash memory to a computer hard drive as soon as possible. We recommend not deleting images or reformatting the memory card while it is still in the camera. Wait until all photos are transferred and verified before you clear your cameras memory card.


Keep in mind that flash memory cards can be used about 1000 times before they start to wear out. The best way to protect yourself and your irreplaceable images is by backing up your data. This will help guard against data loss when (not if) your hard drive crashes unexpectedly. It’s also recommended that you also make additional copies of your backup media and keep a duplicate offsite in a secure location, because you can never be too safe with your memories.


We understand that as a parent you have a busy schedule and that sometimes leaves transferring photos to a hard drive at the bottom of the list. That’s why you should safeguard your flash memory cards against any possible threat. Use the plastic case that came with the memory card package. Carrying the cards in your pocket can cause static buildup that can zap the card making it unreadable.


With the summer months weeks away, poolside lounging and beach time are likely activities your family will engage in. This means the splash of your child’s big dive into the pool or the practical prank of pouring water on mommy while she sunbathes are casual occurrences that could cause water damage to your device. It is important to monitor where your device is in location to water and to secure your device with an appropriate protective case, whether it’s a fancy waterproof camera case or a Ziploc bag.


The summer heat can be brutal, especially to your electronic devices. Avoid leaving your devices out in direct sunlight. Electronics are not made to withstand high temperatures and may shut down when they get too hot, only to restart once it has cooled. When left in high heat for a period of time, these devices can fail and lose all data stored on them. To steer clear of these circumstances, place them in a beach bag or wrapped in a dry towel in order to keep them cool.

It is important to plan for any type of digital disaster, especially while enjoying your electronic gadgets in the hot summer sun. Follow proper procedures when handling your gear in the heat and continue to create those family moments you never want to forget.

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