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The Importance of Finding Your Mommy Tribe

Have you ever wondered why so many people encourage you to find your support system once you find out you are pregnant? If you take the time to break it down, you will see the importance of it. Right now, there is an estimated number of about 4.3 babies being born every second. Along with those babies, Mamas are being born at a similar rate.

Every person who is becoming, or have become a parent is in the middle of a ongoing, life-changing transition. Hence why it is said that parents are born, along with their children.

The numbers can seem a bit overwhelming when you look at it as a whole. For example, there are about 2 million mamas in the world right now. And when you take a closer look, the picture is even bigger than that. Each number is a single person. And obviously, each person has their own personality, their own views and their own approach to life.

With that, there are people who have similar approaches and relatable views and personalities as one another. And during your ongoing journey of being a parent, you will gravitate towards the people who you can relate to. And those people will gravitate towards you. This is a great start to finding your Mommy Tribe.

There is a reason why all children aren’t put into one classroom. And the same goes for finding your own support system. We are gently drawn to different areas where we fit the best. We have our smaller, more intimate support groups to provide a bigger support system overall. It all comes together like one big puzzle piece.

Since there isn’t a solid rule book on how to raise a child or get through obstacles, we have each other. We learn from one another and grow. The big picture is, we all want what is best for our children. We want our kids to be happy, healthy and safe. I’m pretty certain that, that specific desire not only matches, but exceeds any estimated or recorded number.

And because it’s such a strong desire amongst such a large number of people, there are a lot of variations. There might be some parenting approaches that won’t be understood by others. Some people will see crazy in moments when others see genius. And vice versa. That’s just a simple balance in the world. And a good example of variety.

On the contrary, your own support system will help you feel understood and remind you to stay true to what works for you. We live in this big, beautiful world that is full of variety. And it is a good thing. That’s what helps create culture and diversity. That’s something we crave and desire just as equally as our child’s happiness.

So why is it important to find your Mommy Tribe? To help you feel grounded and supported in a world of 2 million mamas doing their best.

By having your own intimate group, it provides strong support for each other while acknowledging that we all have our own takes on parenting. Which is 100% perfectly okay. Plus, we would lose a lot of opportunity to learn if we all viewed things exactly the same.

We all have the best of intentions for our kids and one another. But the ones you gravitate towards, who help you keep your feet on the ground in any moment, and see your intentions when others may not, those people are your Mommy Tribe.

And in any circle, they will help you see the rainbows in any storm, and find comfort in the crumbs on your floor and the dishes in your sink. They will acknowledge you for the good you provide and help you see when you could have done better. They’re your safety net, and your support. And you are theirs.

When you become a parent, it’s like you have stepped into this world of constant learning. And even when we try our best, we can still stumble. There is this big creative bubble available to us to get through any situation. There will be different obstacles that we will run into many, many times. The good part is, we get to find the solutions to work through them. Once we find our support, we figure out that it all feels that much easier when we are able to bounce ideas and thoughts off of each other. And by having people who are close to you along the way, it provides comfort, strength and excitement in any transition.

That support system. That village. That tribe- is yours. Hold them close and treat them right. There are a lot of us in this beautiful world. So, big hugs and high fives to all the Mommy Tribes. Keep on supporting each other, and keep on being you.



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