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Three Reasons You Need To Switch To Whitening Trays

With so many options in the cosmetic beauty industry for teeth whitening, every brand will brag about what their solutions are for whiter teeth. We’ve gathered the top products and tried each of them out with one clear winner. Custom teeth whitening trays are here to stay, and here are three reasons why you need to switch to them if you haven’t started using them already.

Custom Fit For Just Your Smile

Unlike other teeth whitening treatments like Blue Lights, teeth whitening strips, whitening pens, or toothpaste, custom whitening trays are designed to fit just your smile and no one else. Whitening Trays are formed by using the impressions of your teeth. When crafted, the trays will snap onto your teeth giving you full coverage of both your top and bottom teeth. The other whitening treatments felt bulky, especially the teeth whitening lights which are just mouthguards that fit any mouth.

Foaming Gel Designed To Whiten Both Front and Back

Here’s a really cool feature that comes with teeth whitening trays, and that’s foaming gel. Before placing your trays on your teeth, place a little bit of foaming gel in the trays. When you put the trays on, the gel is activated by your saliva, and it begins to foam. This gel doesn’t just cover the front of your teeth like whitening strips or whitening pens. It will literally foam around your teeth including the backs and crevices. Who wants a smile where just the front teeth are white? With custom whitening trays paired with foaming gel, all your teeth receive a full whitening treatment. This means stubborn stains on the back of your teeth or between them will begin to disappear leading to a white dazzling smile.

Say Goodbye to Years Of Different Stains

You’ve likely procured lifelong stains on your teeth even if you have excellent oral care and brush your teeth every night. Stains come from many different sources. If you drink coffee, tea, or wine, your teeth are at risk for discoloration. It’s natural, and you shouldn’t fret too much over it but there are ways to remove these stains fairly quickly. Teeth Whitening Trays are just as powerful at removing stains as the blue light treatments, and much safer. Gum irritation is much more common with blue lights, and with the trays being custom, they are designed to protect your gums from the foaming gel as long as you use the recommended amount. Perhaps the best part of teeth whitening trays is the convenience. With a blue light treatment, you need to plug the cords into your phone but with teeth whitening trays, you can add them to your morning routine without the need to create more time. Whitening trays are waterproof meaning you can whiten your teeth while you shower up. It’s perfect for rinsing your teeth and trays off afterward. With the treatments only taking 10 minutes, it’s the perfect teeth whitening treatment for a shower.

Teeth whitening is booming but make sure you select which treatment is right for you. We’ve found that whitening trays are the best bang for our buck as they are affordable and companies like Sporting Smiles allow you to receive them without leaving your home. If you’re looking at whitening your teeth, whitening trays are out in front as the number one choice.



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