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Tips for Childproofing Your Home

We all want our children to be safe. Our number one goal in life is to make sure they are happy and healthy. When it comes to childproofing our homes, as much as we love our children we can forget a couple of things, or not realize the danger for small children and/or babies. This doesn’t make you a bad parent. This makes you human. We forget that their tiny little selves are still growing and learning. One day your child might not be crawling and the next second later they are. So you have to be prepared even if you don’t THINK that your child can reach that can of AJAX. It can happen in an instant!

Every year children under 3 visit the ER for accidents in the home. In fact, this is the number ONE reason for an ER visit for a child under 3. Children do not understand the dangers fully. Even if they are three-years-old they do not understand the dangers around them, no matter how many times you have explained it to them. While it’s good to teach your children to be safe you also need to be proactive. For their safety, number one, but also so you don’t end up in the ER with a hefty bill and an injured child you can’t console once you get back home. It happens. Here are some of the best tips for childproofing your home.

Candles pose a huge safety risk for children and your home. You may think your child could never light a match. They are way too young to do that. The truth of the matter is at ANY age regardless of their motor skills a child can easily light a match causing harm to them and the home. Another huge issue with candles is that children like to chew on EVERYTHING! Candles are no exception and they can choke or cause a bowel obstruction from the wax.

Photo frames with glass in them are another potential hazard most parents would never even think of! A child can easily knock over a photo frame and end up with pieces of broken glass in them. This can even happen in an area without hard flooring. So be mindful and put your photo frames away or get the ones without glass. Plastic is preferred in this case.

On average 9,500 children, a year are injured from their own high chairs. Why? Well, parents forget to strap them in or don’t think it’s necessary. It is important to ALWAYS strap your child into their high chair. They could fall or slip out very easily. If they stand up in it they could knock it over and fall. Some children even have a high chair fall on them when this happens. It is important to always strap your child into their high chair. Don’t let your child be one of the 9,500 children that go to the ER because of this.

The stove is another big object that children hurt themselves on often. It’s important to always move your pot handles toward the back of the oven or stove. A child could easily or accidentally pull or knock the handle and have hot food spilled on them. Burns are not fun with children. Another issue with ovens and stoves is that the children like to play with the knobs. So make sure to get a knob cover for each one of your stove knobs. You simply take the knob off put on the safety knob cover and then put the knob back on and close the cover over it. This prevents not only the child from getting burned but again a house fire. You can get the knob covers here.

Remote controls. Don’t leave any remote controls out for your child to reach. Definitely, don’t let your children get into anything with batteries. Children cannot only choke on batteries but if they swallow them the batteries will eat their stomachs and ultimately lead to death or lifelong issues. If a child does happen to get into batteries, you need to immediately take them to the ER! The ER might be able to stop damage from happening before it’s too late, but don’t waste time getting there. Just grab the child and run. Don’t stop for a diaper bag or anything else. The ER will have supplies you need to take care of your child. Always put remotes or battery operated items like watches up high in a cabinet where a child cannot reach them.

Windows can cause quite a safety issue for children. They can get their hands caught in the window or they may be able to get out of the window and get into more trouble outside. You should always install a window guard. If you have the kind of windows with a crank, simply remove the crank so your child cannot access the window. Get window guards here.

Window blinds cords can cause issues for children as well. Since 1990 more than 200 children have died because of something as simple and forgettable as a window blind cord. Blinds use the cords to move up and down, but the cord can come trapped around the child’s neck leading to a child hanging themselves and/or suffocating. What can you do for this? Cut the loop on the cord and add free tassels you can get here at! If you have the money you should invest in cordless blinds and redo them. It will not only be a treat for yourself, but it will protect your children in the long run.

Dishwashers pose a huge threat to children as well. You should never leave sharp objects in there for long as children can get into it right away. You should never leave dishwashing soap unattended and always make sure that as soon as you put the detergent in the dishwasher to turn the washer on right away! Children die every year from ingesting detergent. On that same note make sure that all detergents, soaps, anything used to clean is put up HIGH and locked in a cabinet. Kids not only die from other cleaning products, but they can burn themselves and be scarred for life.



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