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Tips on TV Safety (and a giveaway) #tvsafety

You may not often think about it but when a flat-panel TV is not secured to the wall, it can pose a great risk to your family and more specifically to small children. Due to their increasingly thin designs, today’s flat panels can easily tip over at the slightest bump or nudge, causing them to topple off furniture, potentially causing injury or even death.

I remember when my daughter was little, she would try many times to grab a hold of the TV. I was always afraid she would knock it over so one of the first things we did was mount it to the wall.

In a 2011 report, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) revealed that a child is killed every three weeks from TV instability, and that an estimated 20,000 people are treated in the ER every year due to injuries from tipping TVs.

Alarmingly, the issue is growing; This same report indicated that injuries from TV tip-overs have increased 25% from 2006-2010.

Making the home a safe environment is a concern of every parent, but hazard proofing for TVs is often overlooked because most people are unaware of this danger.

If you have a second, check out It is a consumer awareness website that was created to educate the public on this growing danger and present safe solutions to protect families. It is the site’s goal to help reduce TV-related injuries and create a safe environment for all to enjoy.

Although the safest option is to mount your flat-panel TV, a safety strap can also help prevent serious injuries from happening. You can learn more about this option at

One lucky reader will win a Sanus TV Mount for their flat screen TV (valued at $100-$150). The winner will need to present their TV Brand & Model number. Contest winner will be chosen 10 days after this post goes live.

Click here to learn more about TV Safety and to learn more about Sanus Products, visit their website.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.

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  • Sophia

    How do we enter the give-away? By replying? Thanks!

    • Modern Day Moms


  • Staci A

    TV safety is so important. I constantly worry that my little guy will grab ours.

  • Brandy

    This looks like a good product. I was just telling my husband that we need to look into securing our flat screen somehow because our son is now pulling up on things at 8 months. Perhaps we’ll consider one of these!

  • Dree Getz

    I was just thinking that I need to get one of these for our TV. My daughter is walking now. Thanks for the great review and the chance.

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