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10 Fun Items For The Home Under $20

This week, it is all about decorating the home on the cheap. There are some adorable items out there that actually don’t cost an arm and a leg, believe it or not. I will highlight 10 of my favorite items below that are under $20.

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1. White Board Wall Decal – $12

This is great for apartment living, is it not? For those you can’t actually paint a white board on your walls… this is the perfect solution. Would have loved to feature the chalkboard wall decal which I actually have in my office, but it is $24.

Click here to purchase.

2. Mustache Wall Clock – $16

If you think mustaches are fun and silly, this clock just might be for you.

Click here to purchase.

3. Grassy Green Toothbrush Holder – $10

Looks like this could almost pass as a cousin to the Boon Lawn we featured for the kitchen. Am I right? At any rate, this adorable Grassy Green Toothbrush Holder would look modern and fresh in your bathroom.

Click here to purchase from Urban Outfitters.

4. Owl Toothbrush Holder – $9

If grass isn’t your thing, here is the adorable owl toothbrush holder from Urban Outfitters. Bring a little vintage into your bathroom.

Click here to purchase from Urban Outfitters.

5. Ted Shred’s Surf Wax Candle – $8.99

You know how we feel about Ted Shreds, don’t you? You can read all about it here. The 6oz. Travel Tins will make you feel at home wherever your travels bring you. Now you can bring “The scent of surfing” with you anywhere you go!

Click here to purchase from Ted Shreds.

6. Farmer’s Egg Crate *favorite* – $14

This has got to be the cutest thing ever. Store a dozen fresh eggs in an eye-catching – and reusable – stoneware crate. Have you seen the reviews on this egg crate? Amazing reviews for an adorable product. Great for not only eggs, why not display your jewelry in this crate?

Click here to purchase from Anthropologie.

7. L’Epice Jar – $4

If you grow your own herbs in your garden, these jars are perfect for storing dried herbs and seeds. These squat, colorful ceramic spice jars are numbered and impressed with the saying, “Plein de Bonnes Choses.” That is, full of good things.

Click here to purchase from Anthropologie.

8. Gulping Guppy Ring Dish – $18

Let your golden rings and silver strands glint from inside the patinaed kisser of this freshwater big mouth.

Click here to purchase from Anthropologie.

9. Ikea RINGUM Rug – $9.99

Wool is naturally soil-repellent. Combining wool with nylon gives a soft and durable rug.

Click here to find at your local Ikea store.

10. Dwell Mandala Tablecloth – $19.99

This item is very hard to find online and is usually out of stock but if you can snag it in your local store, I would suggest it ASAP! The adorable table clothes from Dwell Studio for Target are out of this world. I love the patterns.

Click here for more details.

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  • Jessica

    Love #6 & #7.

  • Bex

    I must have the egg holder and the spice jars. LIKE NOW!

    • Jessica

      That’s what I’m saying! Perfect if you get farm fresh eggs or grow your own herbs and spices!

    • Jessica

      Plus, look at the reviews for them, they have like a bajillion stars with amazing reviews.

  • via Facebook

    I ran out of room or I probably would have featured these too:

    • Rebekah

      Oh I love those!! I heart Anthropology. And Urban.

  • Kaydee

    My boys love the clock! And I must make #3 #5 #6 #7 #9 mine!!! I actually think I’ll get a few of the candles because they are a bit of an obsession for me. And I’ve been looking for a bathroom rug, perfect timing.

    • Jessica

      The candle is HEAVENLY. It’s mine and the other MDM Jess T’s obsession.

      • Kaydee

        SO glad I’m not the only one! ; )

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