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Home Inspiration: The 2014 Pantone Color of The Year – Radiant Orchid

Declared as the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid is an intoxicating mixture of fuchsia, purple and pink hues. An unusual shade, Radiant Orchid brings serenity when incorporated throughout the home, and gives interiors your updated look. Inspired by designs around the world, the pale purple Color of the Year is complemented by a wide array of accents and undertones, making it effortless to execute in your own home.

“Radiant Orchid is a totally different direction from last year’s Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald,” says Paula Berberian, a Creative Director of Brewster Home Fashions for WallPops. “The softer shade makes quite a statement when paired with neutrals like taupe and cream, and is even more striking alongside brighter hues like turquoise and yellow.” Here, Berberian offers tips on how to incorporate Radiant Orchid into your home to create an elegant look.

1. Create an Accent Wall

Pandora purple

It’s often intimidating to introduce a new color into your home, so starting on a smaller scale makes it easier to take the plunge. Instead of dressing an entire room in Radiant Orchid, focus on just one area to test out the shade. The dining room is an ideal space for dramatic designs, so choose which wall serves best as the center of attention. Pictured right, the Pandora Purple Botanical Vines wallpaper by Kenneth James from Brewster Home Fashions creates an ideal accent. After adding the enchanting wallpaper, which features swirling orchid vines, keep the rest of the design minimal so your Radiant Orchid accent wall will become the highlight of the room.

Pandora Purple Botanical Vines wallpaper – the Layla Collection by Kenneth James for Brewster Home Fashions.

2. Add Accessories

Accessories like throws, pillows and rugs can quickly turn any space into a coordinated design. Subdued colors such as grey, cream and taupe work well in the bedroom, but can often come up short when you are trying to create a bold design. Keep larger furniture and substantial details like comforters and curtains in neutral tones, but incorporate soft blankets and textured decorative pillows in Radiant Orchid for a touch of sophistication and style. Tie in the Color of the Year by arranging WallPops Plush Dots, Box and Stripes decals between windows or above the bed for an all-around cohesive design.

WallPops Plush Dry Erase Dots, $14.99, available at select retailers and online at

3. Focus on Florals

Brewster Gretel cream

If the idea of Radiant Orchid triggers visions of languid afternoons spent reading in the garden, then capitalizing on a floral theme is a fitting decorating strategy. Turn any unused space, such as a tucked away corner or empty nook, into an idyllic retreat where you can unwind. The Gretel Cream Vivid Floral wallpaper from the Eijffinger Fleurique collection by Kenneth James for Brewster Home Fashions is an ideal choice because it features fresh pops of purple in a vintage-inspired floral design. Complement the shimmery wallpaper with white vases filled with fresh flowers and a lady-like chair that will make afternoons feel incredibly luxurious.

Gretel Cream Vivid Floral wallpaper in the Eijffinger Fleurique collection by Kenneth James from Brewster Home Fashions.

4. Contrast Colors

White Sofa and Glass End Table Against Blue Wall

Radiant Orchid also compliments other stand-out colors such as turquoise and yellow, which continue to make a comeback in home d cor. Decorate your walls with WallPops Aztec Diamond decals by Jonathan Adler. The sassy yellow and grey design will make Radiant Orchid touches throughout the room shine. Try arranging frames and ceramics in the pale purple shade on end tables. For even more impact, position an upholstered chair with a purple-toned throw near your wall art and your room will instantly come to life.

WallPops by Jonathan Adler Aztec Diamond wall decals, $17.99, available at select retailers and online at

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With Brewster Home Fashions wall coverings and WallPops peel-and-stick decals, you can easily incorporate Radiant Orchid into your home d cor. Make the most of the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year in your interiors by using these on-trend designs available at and

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