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Easy Homemade Pretzel Bites

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Please oh please do not hate me after I share this next recipe with you. You see, I saw a few “pretzel bite” recipes floating around the web and by the time you were able to say “hello mall pretzels!”, I had already tried 2 different versions. Tonight’s experiment made the 3rd version and quite possibly the best version.

I’m sorry folks, but they are addicting. No lies.

I imagine there is some sort of food rehab for those who enjoy food this much.

I tried, I failed, I found the secret…

For the first try, I used freshly made dough folks. Freshly made pizza dough. Results? They were good, they were realllly good but something was missing. What the heck was it? The second try yielded different results, I used the Simply Rustic French Bread from Pillsbury. Results? Eh. Probably not going to try that again. For the third try, I used Crusty French Loaf by Pillsbury. Results? SUCCESS. OH YES!

The winner:

Hey, did you know you can even make a bread bowl with that crusty french bread? Check it out! Going to try that next.

Now that I’ve discovered the secret to these delicious bites of salted, buttered dough… let me explain what you need and how to make them.

Easy Homemade Pretzel Bites

Note: By the second time you’ve made this, you could probably do it with your eyes closed..

…but please don’t.

You will need:

– Crusty French Loaf by Pillsbury *seen above (note: 1 can makes about 20 bites. Double up if you have no self control.)
– 1 stick of Unsalted Butter
– Kosher Salt (note: I tried sea salt, results were meh. Too salty!)

Step 1

Preheat oven to 375F. Take the dough out of the can and place it on a cutting board. Does not have to be floured. Do NOT roll out the dough, leave it as is! Cut the dough length wise (from left to right) to make 2 long strips, then cut each strip into small little pieces.. like this:

Don’t forget to roll those pieces into balls!

Step 2

Put some water in a pot and bring it to a boil. While waiting for the water to boil, take the stick of butter out of the fridge to soften. Once the water is boiling, take the balls of dough and drop them in the water.. I’d say about 10 at a time. Roll them around in the water for about 45 seconds to a minute.

Step 3

Using a slatted spoon (or a spoon with holes), remove the balls of dough and place them on a layer of paper towels. (note: I sprayed the top paper towel with cooking spray so they wouldn’t stick)

Step 4

Spray cookie sheet with non-stick spray, carefully move balls of dough from towels to cookie sheet. Place balls of dough about 1/2 inch apart. They won’t expand too much at this point. Bake at 375F for 25 minutes or until golden brown on bottom and the tops are not doughy.

Like this:

Step 5

Once baked, roll the bites in melted butter before transferring them to a plate/bowl. Sprinkle with kosher salt to taste and try not to eat them before your husband and kids have a chance to enjoy.


Please make them! If you do, will you post the picture on our facebook page? Oh and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I totally warned you.

* You might notice I tagged this post as Kid-Friendly. Let your kiddo roll out the balls of dough and they will be just as excited as you when these bites come out of the oven! Heck, they’ll be excited anyway… but it’s fun. Family time!

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  • Bex

    Kids?? Oh no. These will be all mine!!

    • Jessica

      Oh you have no idea…. please please just trust me.

    • Markie mantle

      Made them last night. Heaven. Posted the pic on my fb and was an instant hit. Can’t wait to make a huge batch for parties

      • Kendra York

        Have you made these for a large party? Can I make them the night before and just wait to butter them until the day of?

  • Kaydee

    These look AMAZING and there isn’t much more I love then a fantastic soft pretzel! While we were in Disneyland I bought them everywhere I saw them. My next grocery store trip I’ll be getting the supplies to make these!!!

    • Jessica

      Yes! They are delish. let me know if you make them :)

  • Rebekah

    So…….I made them. Let me tell you. SO GOOD! They were gone in about 3 seconds. We all gobbled them up!

  • Aleah via Facebook

    I forwarded that post to my husband a couple weeks ago & we made them this past weekend. Gone in less than an hour. A double batch… :)

  • via Facebook

    Yeah! Go Aleah! We have made a few batches ourselves!! SO good! -Emily

  • via Facebook

    All the ingredients to make them ate in my fridge!!! – Jessica

  • via Facebook

    are even!

  • Amanda Klenner-Labrow

    I am going to try these this weekend… they sound tasty

  • Modern Day Moms

    *sigh* They are so good..

  • Aaron AndAshley Jones

    I just told my husband that I HAVE to make some. Pretzels have been my main 2nd trimester craving.

    • Jessica

      Have you made them yet? :)

  • Samantha Claire Souza

    NOM! Thanks for the reminder! This is going to be our Friday night movie snack.

  • Modern Day Moms


  • Jennifer Wall


  • Modern Day Moms

    Very welcome :) – Jessica

  • Ste

    Yummm!! I have to try these now!!!

  • Melissa

    I made these tonight (found them through pinterest). SO FREAKING good. My second batch (I heeded the no-control warning) I buttered and then rolled in sugar and cinnamon. GOOD.

  • Gilly

    Anyone try reheating them? I haven’t made them yet but it is our appreciation week at my hospital and was thinking of making a couple of batches but don’t know how well they sit or reheat…any ideas?

    • Jessica

      They aren’t AS good reheated but they are still delish. Popping them in the oven for a few might toast them up a little bit.

  • Melissa

    These look great but I’m wondering what everyoone uses for the chedder cheese dipping sauce. We haven’t found anything like the stuff in the mall.

    • Ashley

      My husband loves the nacho cheese in a can in the mexican food aisle. I’ve not tasted it but he says it’s a close to the nacho cheese that you get from the mall/theater/concession stands.

      • Jessica

        Oh great idea! I must try that. Thank you for letting me know!

    • Elizabeth

      I’ve posted this one a couple times on different Facebook recipe sites. It’s always worked for me.

      Also, add 1/4 cup of baking soda to that boiling water before you dunk the dough and you’ll love it so much more, I promise.


      2-3oz lager of your choice
      8oz shredded cheddar cheese
      1 clove garlic, minced
      1 tsp Worcestershire
      1 stalk of green onion, finely chopped (I usually cut mine with scissors!)
      Handful of real bacon bits (if you feel like making the bacon, probably 2 slices would suffice)

      Bring water in double boiler (or a saucepan with a bowl inside) to a boil, and bring beer to a boil (small bubbles – you just need it hot) and stir in your garlic. Add shredded cheddar, stirring with a fork until melted. Reduce heat to low, add the rest of your ingredients and stir until you get the flavor/texture you want. If you want it thinner, add more beer. If you want more flavor, add more garlic and Worcestershire!

      • Elizabeth

        If you still want it kid friendly, use chicken/beef stock instead of beer!

  • Momto1tot

    I am making them as we speak! so flippin easy i LOVE recipes like this i will post a picture on your facebook when finished they are in the oven :)

    • Momto1tot

      ok finishing product is DELICIOUS! deff need some cheese sauce walmart also carries these individual little cartons that come in a 6 pack of nacho cheese sauce that is really good and close to the mall cheese too! thanks for posting!

      • Jessica

        Yay! So glad! The cheese sauce sounds DELISH. I will have to look when I’m at the store again!

  • Erika Carlo Yacobucci

    I did see it and I pinned it ;) i have to try it.

  • Modern Day Moms

    Erika Carlo Yacobucci – Do let us know when you do!!! :)

  • Erika Carlo Yacobucci

    you got it :)

  • Natalia Hedlin

    look so delicious! will try them soon!

  • Mollie

    Look great! How well do these keep/ship? Would love to include these in gift baskets for the holidays!

  • Tracy

    So yum! Made them a few weeks ago and my family of 5 devoured them in 10 minutes! Making them again now for playoff games as a surprise! Shhhhh! I might have to eat a few before I put them in front of the vultures:)

  • Sarah

    These are unbelievable! Thank you so much for posting!

  • Katrina

    What if the Pillsbury Crusty French Loaf isn’t sold in our country? Because I haven’t seen any of it being sold in any of the grocery stores in my city :(

    • Modern Day Moms

      You could easily use pizza dough or bread dough. You will most likely have the exact same results, this was just a recipe to make it easier without having to make your own dough. If you have a local bakery that sells fresh dough, that would work too.

  • Kay

    I just stumbled upon this recipe and I tried them…. They are sooo yummy and sooo addicting. I ate the whole batch by myself, selfishly giving my husband one piece. :) Thanks for this amazing easy pretzel bites recipe!

  • Markie mantle

    Amazing and so easy. Do you recommend baking soda in the water?.

    • Julie

      I was wondering this my self

  • Julie

    I have done these but I add a bit of garlic powder to the butter and then, after I put the butter on them, I shake them around in some canned parmesan cheese. Really really good!

  • Mary

    I have made these quite a few times now (and my daughter has too!!) and they are amazing made according to the recipe. Tonight, I brought them to a whole new level. I melted the butter with some Tastefully Simple Italian Garlic Bread seasoning AND I made a cheese sauce to dip. So, so very good!! And so addicting!!

  • Kayla

    Can I use salted butter because there is no unsalted butter in the store

  • Kendra York

    Can you make these the day before and heat then in the oven the morning of?

  • Becky Land

    Would love to have been able to print this recipe without all of the posts, pictures, etc. I am trying this tonight.

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