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Top 6 Products to Keep Your Toddler Entertained

Toddlers are full of energy and are always searching for a new game or fun activity. It can be very hard to keep them entertained at all times. One of the problems is that they can get bored of simple games like puzzles very quickly. This is why you need to find fun and age-appropriate activities for them. You should also like these games and activities because it is better to play with them and teach them at the same time.

In this article we are going to show you 6 products that will keep you child entertained for hours. All of these products are great for your toddler because they are kid-friendly and easy to use. They are also good for adults!

Karaoke Machine for Kids

Nowadays you can find almost any game you can imagine for your kid. A karaoke machine might seem like an adult product but when you make it easy to use and add kids’ songs, they become the best product for your toddler. Look now for the best kid friendly karaoke machine for your children!

Singing is a fun activity suited both for kids and adults. Purchase a karaoke machine for your kids and you will spend many hours of fun with them. You can play together and see who is the best. With this product you won’t have to worry about your toddler getting bored.


Everybody loves to model Play-Doh. Even us adults enjoy playing with these things from time to time. You can find these products almost everywhere. They are budget-friendly, easy to use, and non-toxic. Play-Doh is designed for kids and they are easy to shape and models. You can find these products in a wide range of colors.

Some of them come with different figures and other toys that can be used while playing with the Play-Doh. This is also an opportunity to teach you kid colors and shapes. Make sure to transform the teaching moment into a fun one so that your toddler will still enjoy the Play-Doh.

Activity Boards

The good-old activity board is still a great way to entertain your kid. This is also an excellent way for them to learn more about the world. You can choose from a big variety of activity boards. Some include wild or farm animals, while other have cars, flowers, and other interesting things.

This is one of the best ways to combine learning and playing. Your kid will start to understand more about the world while having fun with you. You can also give him or her a little prize when they say the correct answer.

Washable Markers

All kids love to draw but sometimes they tend to fill your walls and windows with their creations. This can be a challenge for every parent. Fortunately, there are washable markers that work on all glass surfaces. Now, your kid can draw anything on the mirror or the windows. You might want to keep the drawing for a few hours and then wash it. This way, your toddle will have a space to create different shapes and figures.

Sticker Activity

Give your child stickers and you will keep him or her entertained for many hours. There are many sticker activity boards and books. The stickers ca be removed and put on different pages of the book. One of the problems with this activity is that your toddle might want to put the stickers on the walls and widows instead of the book. Make sure to supervise him or her anytime they use these stickers if you want to keep your walls free.


Doing Lego is still a fun activity for your kid. They are colorful, easy to assemble and easy to store. Nowadays, you can find them Lego pieces made of rubber-like material which is better for small children. Make sure to purchase big pieces and to supervise your child when he or she is playing with them in order to avoid them swallowing the pieces. You can play with them and create a big building, a space for animal figures or other wonderful shapes. If you did not purchase the softer material Legos you need to be very careful when you step because they can be very painful to step on.


All of these products are great for small children who want to discover the world while playing. They will keep your child entertained for hours and you don’t have to clean much after them. Choose the one that both you and your kid love.


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