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Ways to Stay Cool During the Summer

Many families look forward to the warm air and cool breeze that summer brings. Unfortunately, the extreme temperatures can also become your worst nightmare, causing you to sweat profusely even during short intervals outdoors. Luckily, there are ways to prevent your body from going into overdrive so you can enjoy the season embarrassment-free.


There are many deodorants and antiperspirants on the market. Because of this, it may become confusing as to which ones to buy. First, here is an explanation of what makes them different: deodorant neutralizes odors where an antiperspirant blocks sweat completely (or close to completely). If you don’t have an allergy to antiperspirant, this is the better option for remaining dry in extremely hot environments. There are also many forms of antiperspirants to choose from including gels, sprays and even pre-moistened towelettes through companies like SweatBlock; each offers a discreet way to freshen up at any time of the day.

Light Clothing

As the temperature outdoors begins to rise, your body releases sweat as a way to cool itself. If you plan to spend time outdoors, wear clothing that allows your body to breathe. Synthetic fabrics hold in perspiration causing unsightly marks to show through your clothing. Instead, try to stick with a material like cotton that allows your body to release sweat and absorbs it before it appears. In addition to a breathable fabric, wear lighter colors that will reflect the sunlight. Cotton bras and panties for women and cotton briefs and t-shirts for men will help give you the best chance at remaining cool and comfortable while outdoors in the heat. If you wear stockings to work, see if you can go without. Wear hats. Hats aren’t just a fashion statement, they provide protection from the heat. There are so many to choose from, finding the right one for you should be easy.

Stay Hydrated

Sipping cold beverages while you are outdoors can help to keep you comfortable. However, some beverages will not restore your body’s hydration. Since you are made of more than 50 percent water, drinking plain water provides a natural way to keep your body hydrated, cool, strong and healthy in extreme temperatures. If you are involved in sports, drinks designed for athletes will help you retain sugar and sodium, as well as keep you hydrated while working out, training or playing. Alcoholic beverages and soda may give you a refreshed feeling initially, but they in no way help you rehydrate. Keeping a bottle of cold water on hand is your best defense for enjoying a day at the park or beach during the summer.

Benefits of Sunscreen

Sunblock and sunscreen help to protect your skin from potentially harmful UV rays. Applying it before heading outdoors is essential to preventing sunburn and will keep you cooler, too. If you do head to the beach or pool, reapply your sunscreen or sunblock after swimming to ensure you have a sufficient amount of protection on your body.

Summertime Shoes

Many people enjoy wearing their sneakers year round. While they are comfortable, they don’t allow your feet to feel the fresh air. Instead try to change up to open toe sandals, strappy wedges or open summer sandals. Exposing your feet will give your body a release from the heat and make your feet happy too. Just make sure to apply sunscreen to your entire foot before venturing outdoors.

Summer is a wonderful season filled with social events like barbecues, outdoor sporting events, swimming and road trips. Thankfully, there are many ways to remain cool and comfortable while enjoying the fresh air and warm sunshine.

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