“Your Tried & True Cough Remedies”


When asking our friends on Facebook for the best advice when feeling crappy, they responded with some tried & true remedies to help with that nasty cough.

Here they are:

Rubbing Vicks on your chest

I always rub it on the feet! Works miracles!

If you’re coughing a lot rub Vicks on the bottoms of your feet and then put socks on. You will be amazed at how quickly you stop coughing. Works great on kids too.

All of the above, tons of water and NyQuil at bed time. Good sleep is always important. Mucinex is good for clearing out congestion.

I like to rub Vicks on Chest and take a really hot bath. And my new thing I did for my son last year if you have a scentsy I took out the wax and put Vicks in it and let it go all night seemed to work well. They do make a eucalyptus scent now too but doesn’t smell as awesome as Vicks.

Steam up a bath room with a shower on hot water sit in the room with the door closed for 5-10 mins then go out and walk out side for a min or 2. Helps to shock the airways/lungs works for my kids.

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