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Turning Trash to Treasure: Dresser

It’s not everyday that I drive down the road and spot something that I just have to have. However, a few months ago, that happened. I spotted a dresser just sitting by the curb! This wasn’t any dresser, this was in good shape and it just needed a little bit of love. I pulled over and asked this older gentleman if this dresser was for sale… and he told me he put it out as trash. (gasp)

This dresser had been in his family for 40+ years. It was thick, heavy wood and had already been painted the tried and true semi-gloss white. One of the side panels needed to be hammered back on and one of the lower drawers had a small chip, but that was it! Of course, a few of the knobs don’t match but I love that about it.

I couldn’t fit this entire thing in my car so I proceeded to pull out all the drawers and bring them home first, thinking that nobody would take a dresser without drawers.

I walked in the house and asked my husband if he would go back and pick up the larger part while I brought the drawers in.

What a sweet score! I don’t make it a habit to drive around and scout for random trash to turn to treasures but I will happily browse from the car if I spot some good looking things on the side of the road.

Have you scored on some trash that you turned into something awesome? If so, do tell!

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  • Carolyn

    Last week I found an old solid wood little kids rocking chair. It was missing one screw on the bottom. Such an easy fix. I would have easily had to pay $100 to buy this in a store

    • Jessica

      Oh wow! That was a great find. Pictures! :)

  • Stephanie E.

    Lol jealous! I’d be at world market getting some awesome knobs for it! It’s beautiful!

  • Leah

    It’s a great looking piece – and very Earth friendly of you. Nice.

    • Jessica

      Thanks Leah! These kind of finds don’t happen often.

  • via Facebook

    Love repurposed furniture that looks THAT good. It’s inspiration not to spend a ton of money on something new and it’s eco-friendly.

  • via Facebook

    Thanks!! I really lucked out on this one. – Jessica

  • via Facebook

    I’m on the hunt for a battered desk or dresser that I can re-finish!! So exciting to find one in great condition!-Emily

  • Maya

    Your freebie has a lot of drawers, gr8 for storage :) I’ve been given lots of hand-me-downs, but the only freebie I’ve picked up from the curbside was a kids bench (wood w/ cast iron sides and back). It just needed a few screws.

  • Jamie Floyd

    There’s a woman in my area who gets old furniture and fixes it up and sells it. She does an amazing job, but her stuff is so expensive!

  • Jamie Floyd

    There’s a woman in my area who gets old furniture and fixes it up and sells it. She does an amazing job, but her stuff is so expensive!

  • Maya Flores

    MDM are u reading my mind? So far u r 2 for 2 with my upcoming projects :)

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