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What Do You Do To Raise A Healthy Child?

We all have our own ideas about what it means to be “healthy” and how to raise healthy children. I like to focus on eating nutritious food and creating a positive attitude towards exercise with my child. I’ve always felt, if you can start them off early eating the right foods and staying physically active on a regular basis, then that will hopefully stay engrained in our children into adulthood. Of course, there’s no guarantee’s, but it’s worth a shot, right?

Being a positive role model is one way to help raise a healthy child. If you don’t think sweets aren’t appropriate for your child, then don’t let them see you eat sweets! If you think they should be more active, then get up and move with them! One of my favorite family activities as a child, was going for hikes around a local lake almost every weekend. Provided the weather was good, we’d bring a snack and walk for hours. It was a lot of fun! That has stayed with me, and I hope my own child (and future children) will enjoy it was well.

Besides being active, I think what we eat is equally as important. Read my post on ABC News Million Moms Challenge website to find out how I cleaned up my pantry! Don’t forget, by leaving a comment over there, you will be entered to win a great prize. And as soon as the Million Moms Challenge Facebook page reaches 100,000 likes, Johnson and Johnson will donate $100,000 dollars!


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