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Fact: Kids are at Least 50% Evil (not based on actual fact)

It’s a well-known fact that children are the greatest.

It is an equally well-known fact that children are horrible. Now that doesn’t mean we dislike our children by any means. Oh no, no, no… parents of the world generally agree that the good times outweigh the bad. But sometimes, its really hard to see that when you’re in The Moment.

The Moment I’m referring to is that time when you want to scream “OMG WHAT THE #&*^ HAVE YOU DONE?!” but don’t, because you’re a Good Parent. Or even the time when you DO because you’re a Good Parent who has lost their patience – it happens to the best of us!

In fact, I am beyond shocked that this lady didn’t freak out when she came out of the bathroom to see her entire house antiqued. Her Calm-as-Carol-Brady demeanor leads me to believe she is A) the nicest lady ever, B) totally drunk on some Wine-o Wednesday features or C) this video is fake.

In fact, children doing stuff like that is the basis of an amazingly great website entitled Sh*t My Kids Ruined. Full of reader-submitted photos and stories, you can look for hours at the horrors other parents endure while telling yourself, “My kids aren’t so bad!” Until, that is, they do something like that to you. Then you’ll run to your computer and post the evidence while you wipe away your tears.

Here are a few cringe-worthy glimpses into the lives of other parents:

“My son, Levi, ruined his best friend, Logan, with a Sharpie. Thank GOD his mom Tina has an amazing sense of humor!” – Erin

“My daughter decided to create an art piece on her bedroom door. I am glad that her ‘underwear cushion family’ seems to be a happy one.” – Judith M.

“A few moments later I hear a *SMACK* and crying and then lots of ‘OH MY GOSH DAD IS GOING TO BE SO MAD!!!!!!!’ My heart dropped.” – Bethany

You can find more kid-made disasters on their website and on Facebook. They even have an actual book, which would make a great holiday gift for those expectant parents you know!

What have your kids ruined – aside from your figure and ability to sleep in? Tell us about it (unless you’re suffering from some sort of emotional distress) and submit your photos to sh*!

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  • Morgan Seigfried

    My windowsill. With a sharpie. It needed to be repainted anyway…

  • Kaydee

    When my little one was about a year old he ripped my brand new (literally the first time I wore it) diamond necklace off of me. He then proceeded to drop it down my shirt and as I’m fishing it out his doctor walks in the room. She has a very puzzled look on her face, but laughed after I explained.

    My older son ruined some of the tiles in my parent’s entry way of their house by throwing a ball over the 2nd story ledge, hitting a metal candle holder, sending it plumiting to the tile. Thank God they planned on replacing it anyway.

    • Jess T.

      Oh my goodness! Luckily no one was standing UNDER that candle-holder!!!

      • Kaydee

        My basset hound was down there but luckily it missed her!

  • Jessica

    Oh man…. I saw that flour video… and I saw some of the mean comments people were leaving… like “this is so fake” and “how in the world can two little kids do this” and of course, I would have been right there thinking the same thing if it wasn’t for the fact that my daughter did something similar… with BABY POWDER.

  • Elizabeth Barboza

    My favorite incident was when my son and nephew decorated each other with orange highlighter. They managed to trace/color every feature of their faces, including the inside of their ears. They were glowing for days!

    • Jess T.

      HAHAH That’s too funny! Did you take any pictures?

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