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Turning Your Free $5 Target Gift Cards Into Chore Money

One of the incentives to shopping at Target is the option to receive a free $5 gift card when you buy extra of the same product. For example, while shopping yesterday, I needed to stock up on my vitamins. I noticed it was buy two, receive a $5 gift card. This was great because I was going to buy two anyway. Another example that comes in handy is buying diapers. A lot of times they have sales where it is buy 2 boxes and receive $5, $10 or even sometimes $15 back in gift cards. The same goes for formula and many other items you would probably buy in bulk anyway.

While checking out the other day, our super friendly cashier was telling about her grandkids. She said that when they come over every so often and help her around the house or act wonderfully and on their best behavior, they receive a $5 Target gift card. She said it’s a wonderful way to reward your younger children or grand children without actually spending money out of your own pockets. I don’t know about you but a $5 gift card to a 6-10 year old is a pretty big deal. There are a few shopkins and blind bags that could be purchased.

So next time you go to Target and receive a free gift card, put it aside and save it. Next time your child gets good grades or does something that blows you away, you can reward them. I know that when my daughter cleans her room, does her laundry and helps watch her baby sister without complaining, a $5 gift card would be the perfect reward for such awesome behavior.

This month alone, I was able to save 2 gift cards just by buying things I’d normally buy. Sure I could apply them towards the next order but I love the idea of saving them and using them as rewards.

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