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Why Tote Bags Make For The Perfect Diaper Bag & 10 Favorites We Love

I recently switched to this tote bag from Target and combined my purse and diaper bag in one. It’s called the Merona Reversible Tote Bag and it comes in a lot of colors and a removable pouch. Priced at $36.99, it’s definitely an affordable option.


Now that my little is 10 months old, I’ve found I don’t reach for things in the diaper bag as much. It was super easy to make the switch and I love that I can throw things in here and find them easily instead of rummaging through a million compartments when I’m also holding a baby that thinks she can jump out of my arms and run away.

There are many reasons why I’m loving using a reversible tote bag. If one side gets dirty, just turn it inside out. I also love throwing things in the bag and not having to worry about organizing them. Yes, organization is great but when you are in the middle of checking out at the store and can’t remember which compartment is holding your debit card and which compartment is holding the baby’s pacifier, you are going to wish you could see the entire contents of your bag easily.


Here are a few other tote bags (some reversible, some not) that we love and would totally use as a diaper bag:

Gabriella Rocha Women’s Bridget Reversible Tote // $42.99
Buy here

Women’s Faux Leather Reversible Tote with Wristlet // $26.50
Buy here

Humble Chic Women’s Reversible Vegan Leather Tote – Oversized Pebbled // $39.84
Buy here

LuLu Printed Tote Handbag // $26.60
Buy here

Michael Kors Mae Soft Leather Carryall Leather Shoulder Tote // $224.57
Buy here

The Michael Kors Mae Large Reversible East West Tote even comes in black & gold. SWOON.

You can buy that one here.

Baci Reversible Tote / $59.95
Buy here

Damero Women’s Soft Leather Tote Bag with Shoulder Strap // $39.99
Buy here

Reversible 2 in 1 Shopper Tote Bag // $39.99
Buy here

Tote Bag with Pockets Reversible Gold & Red // $16.95
Buy here

Hopefully you find something you like! If you are always on the go and need something convenient, I highly recommend giving a tote bag a try! They even make organizers for them on etsy.

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