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New Obsession: NickMom

Nickelodeon has it all – programming and more for preschoolers, youngsters, and teens as well as helpful hints for parent and parents-to-be through their Parents Connect site. Thankfully, Nickelodeon has finally realized that Moms need more than just parenting advice. We need something to make our days a little easier, and our moods a little lighter.

That’s where their new site NickMom comes in! Its very bloggeriffic, with viral videos, comics, articles and more all in one place and is great for when you’re having a rough day and need a pick-me-up like this gem:

Top 9 Failed Icebreakers for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Whether your egg is good or bad, there are a lot of rotten ways to break a conversation.

9. “Wow, you’re a lot hotter than my kid says.”

8. “I hope this isn’t about that algebra assignment I copied from Brayden’s mom. How was I supposed to know she failed math in 1980?”

7. “Wow, you’re much hotter than his second-grade teacher.”

6. “So what do you do around here?”

5. “Now I don’t want any of your fancy math-and-reading interfering with Jeremy’s football practice.”

4. “Let’s just cut to the chase. I have an envelope full of Benjamins says this kid’s passing second grade on the honor roll.”

3. “Do they grade elementary school on a curve?”

2. “So where do I sign to enroll him for the gifted program? That’s why we’re here, right?”

1. “Wanna paper, rock, scissors to determine pass/fail?”

Be sure to check out NickMom and all it has to offer. You can also “like” them on Facebook for updates right in your news feed. Enjoy!


*Bonus HILARIOUS comic below*

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  • Jessica

    This is really cool! I liked them in FB.

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