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This Is Why I Don’t Do Mornings

Woke up this morning feel great, feeling good. The baby slept 15 minutes shy of a whole 6 hours and I felt refreshed. I brought her into bed with us and got up to quickly have a shower (I haven’t had a morning shower in MONTHS) before my husband took our oldest to school. I got dressed, I put on makeup, this day is AWESOME. I have my sh*t together. Look at me! I can do this! This rocks!!!!!

I played with the baby, grabbed another bottle and rocked her to sleep for her morning nap. I put her in her crib and snuck out of the room. I just might have breakfast. After all, I have my stuff together right? I grab a cereal cup and milk (remember that renovation we are going through? Yeah…) and I sat down. I had a bite. Wow, this is great. This is how it feels to be up and at it early in the morning. I so had this.

Until I didn’t.

With one quick slip, the cereal cup tumbled all down my fresh & clean outfit, down my leg and onto the couch. Man, I probably shouldn’t have filled it up with so much milk. I wanted to drink it after though because cereal milk is the best. But now I can’t. My leg is cold. I’m wearing my only cool tank top that’s clean (well, not anymore). Now the baby is up and fussing because of course, when I jumped up after spilling the worlds largest amount of milk on my leg, I hit one of her toys that made a really loud sound.


Just like that, when you have it together… life has a way of hitting you upside the head and then laughing in your face.


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  • Charmain

    Lol, sorry to laugh at your pain. You’ve cheered me up and the banter between you and moderndaydads made me smile. #itcanonlygetbetter!!

  • moderndaymoms

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  • donrfinder

    Nice page @moderndaymoms

  • shayg12

    Sounds like my yesterday. Cheering you on.

  • moderndaydads

    You are the best person. ??? I love you so much!!!

  • moderndaymoms

    My leg is cold :( @moderndaydads

  • jessjeancrdh

    @deemommyof2 ha ha – read the caption

  • moderndaydads

    But your legs are also so hot. Rawr!!!!!

  • moderndaymoms

    @moderndaydads plz get home from the store. I’m all out of cereal and need your help ?

  • hillcitylisa

    This is so something I would do

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