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DIY Beauty Treatments Inspired By Your Favorite Snacks

Spring has sprung; the weather is getting warmer and that also means summer will be here sooner than later. We love summer. We love the beautiful fruity scents, the tasty summer treats and the beautiful light and airy summer wardrobe essentials. If your skin is still dry and you still feel a bit dull from the harshness of winter, then it’s time to try a few fun new DIY treatments to help make you perfectly ready for the warm weather ahead. Here are some of our favorite summer beauty treatments, inspired by our favorite tasty summer treats and drinks.

Mojito Skin-Saving Ice Cubes

Drinking a mojito first thing in the morning probably isn’t best for the average busy mom. But using these mojito inspired ice cubes as a refreshing morning treatment for the skin is the perfect summer beauty trick. In a bowl, muddle some fresh mint leaves and add some pureed cucumber. Pour in some hot water and toss in a few green tea bags. Let the mixture cool to room temperature. Remove the tea bags and pour the mixture into ice cube trays and pop in the freezer overnight. Use these ice cubes in the morning by gently gliding them over clean skin – including the skin around your eyes – for a refreshing morning pick me up. The green tea and cucumber have anti-inflammatory properties and will reduce swelling or dull skin.

Mexican Food Face Mask


In our minds, we’re sitting on the patio of a gorgeous Mexican restaurant near the beach, sipping a margarita and enjoying some delicious cheesy food. In reality, however, we’re busy moms trying to stay organized and get through our hectic days. Treat yourself to a Mexican food inspired facemask if you need to give your skin a boost. No cheese or beans here; instead, puree one whole small tomato and half an avocado in the blender. Apply this mixture to your skin as a mask and let sit for 10-15 minutes. The avocado has moisturizing and anti-aging properties, while the potent fruit acids in tomato will exfoliate the skin.

Apple Pie A La Mode Bath


Enjoy this summer classic without the calories. In a mixing boil, mix two cups of apple cider vinegar with two heaping tablespoons of cinnamon. Add a quarter cup of brown sugar and stir. Pour into a hot bath. The apple cider vinegar will tone and clarify the skin, the cinnamon acts as an antimicrobial to reduce blemishes and the brown sugar has moisturizing properties. For the “a la mode,” add one or two cups of whole milk to the bath. Whole milk is incredibly moisturizing and also contains lactic acid, which encourages exfoliation and skin cell turnover. Add the milk separately from the apple cider vinegar, as the vinegar can cause the milk to curdle if added directly.


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