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Why I’m Loving This Pregnancy Pillow

I ended up sleeping with the bump nest pregnancy pillow last night and I woke up without pains in my side. I HATE sleeping on my left side and my hip started hurting so this kinda takes all that away and props you up and supports you. To be honest, I bet it’s amazing when you’re not pregnant too. We have a queen size bed and you have to be tricky not to let the pillow take over but I figured out if you put the long part of the pillow on the outside away from your spouse, it’s not as annoying.

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  • moderndaymoms

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  • ambermunster

    I need dis @munsterp

  • moderndaymoms

    She really needs dis @munsterp

  • rhiannon667

    My hips hurt so bad my 3rd pregnancy that I had to sleep sitting up and legs crossed Indian style. Only way to get pressure off until I could get to chiropractor.

  • moderndaymoms

    @rhiannon667 My left hip has been hurting so so bad. Piercing even. I know it’s because I sleep on that side all night long. Thankfully I can lean back a little by using this pillow. It seemed to help last night.

  • kaylabird

    I loved mine! (I had a snoogle… I think?) But once the baby was born and started sleeping with us, the pillow was too much for our queen bed. One day we’ll be reunited

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