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Wine Review: Yellow Tail Bubbles – Sparkling Rose Wine

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Featured Today:
yellow tail bubbles ros wine

[ yellow tail ] bubbles ros wine is a delicious blend of Semillon, Traminer, Shiraz and Frontignac. The fruit is picked early and is handled as gently as possible to insure a very delicate extraction of color and tannin from the grape skins. Finally, we bottle [ yellow tail ] bubbles on the estate, keeping a watchful eye on the whole process from start to finish.

[ yellow tail ] bubbles ros wine is delightfully fresh, fruity and soft with delicate aromas of fresh strawberries and spice and lingering flavors of sweet cherries and tropical fruit.

Enjoy as ap ritif prior to a meal, with a light salad, ceviche, poultry in white sauce, Thai or mild cheeses. This one is the perfect amount of sweetness without being sickening.

If you want to cut to the chase, it’s simple. Drink [ yellow tail ] , enjoy it, share it, sip it and, while it is seriously good wine, don’t get too serious about it.

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