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Let’s face it, you probably use “google” a few times a day (more if you’re like me). I love looking up things on the internet, especially before I buy. However, I just can’t keep quiet about some of the weirdness that comes in from our search results… I will share with you some of the down right STRANGE things people search for to find us. Also, I will let you know a few of the more popular search results that lead you here.

Most Popular Search Results

how to make subway art

Thanks to Modern Mom Emily, subway art is a biiiiig leader in search results.. her subway art has been a big hit on the internet. See: Easter Themed Subway Art & Make It Yourself Monday: Subway Art posts.

best mini-van for family 2011

Apparently, a lot of you are looking for the best mini-van for a growing family… afraid to take the leap huh? Read our feature on the Honda Odyssey to learn a little about their not so typical mini-van.

toilet paper roll wall art

Another product of Emily’s Make It Yourself Monday series. This Toilet Paper Wall Art post has made it’s way all around pinterest and the internet.

how to cloth diaper

You can read posts from our Modern Mom’s Jasmine, who wrote a few posts regarding her cloth diapering experience (preparing, prepping, surviving and here) as well as Rebekah’s favorite cloth diapers: part 1 & part 2.

easy baked meatballs

It seems like this meatball recipe is a big hit for families. Have you made it yet? It’s super yum.

Now for a few of the… strange results.

Strange Search Results

can you sleep on the back of prius v?

Sure, I guess… if you want? Why not in your bed?

when will i start to feel better in my first trimester

Hopefully soon.

fun ideas for summer not written by moms

So… what are you trying to say? That moms can’t have fun?

friendship day answer sone one you


who i do decoration to my home

I’m not really sure what they are asking here… but one can safely assume that they are asking why they should decorate their home? Anybody want to answer this one?

we made smores with pine fire logs will that hurt us

I sure hope you don’t get hurt… mmmm smores.

how many bellpepper seeds makes one plant


and last one…..

vegan baby poop

I …. I’m not even sure what to say.

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  • Kaydee via Facebook

    Those are hilarious!
    Nerd question… how do you know what people search for that leads them to you?

  • Emily

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! “NOT written by Moms”

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