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10 Adorable Sanrio & Kawaii Wallpapers For Your Electronics

We want to share these with you… because it’s Sunday and we like cute things..

Because you are sure to own at least one electronic device wether it’s an iPad, iPhone, Laptop, etc..

Because we have a soft spot for cute adorable images and can’t think of anything better than these..

Here are 10 adorable, absolutely cute, girly girly wallpapers provided to us by Sanrio, Pucca Club & Kawaii Wallpapers.

10 Adorable Wallpapers for your Electronic Devices

They are the perfect size to use on your iPad, iPhone (with a little cropping) and laptop. The size of these wallpapers are 1024×768 but work great with the devices mentioned above. Enjoy!


Click image to open large file.
Once opened, right click and save it to computer.

Let us know what you think! Will you be using any of these?

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