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10 Essential Summer BBQ Grill Hacks

No grill brush? No problem!  Crumple some aluminum foil to the size of a golf ball, place between your tongs so you have a handle and brush away!

Use an onion to clean your grill!  While the grill is hot take an onion half and use the cut side to scrub residue off the grate.  The onion’s oil will help break down the grime on your grill as well as leave some flavor for the next time you choose to grill out.

Fire in the hole!  To extinguish any possible grill fires, your best bet is to close the top of your grill.  Your grill’s lid will limit the amount of oxygen feeding the fire and help eliminate the flare up.

When grilling out at a tailgate freeze some water bottles to keep your food cold.  You can use the water for cleaning, drinking etc. as it melts also!

Fancy up your dog!  Stick a skewer through your hot dog, cut some slits in your dog and create a spiral dog. It’s easier to cook and is a huge hit with the kids.

Running out of time before your guests arrive?  You can cook meat most of the way through in the microwave and then throw on the grill to complete the cooking and insure a nice fresh grilled taste in less time!

Use residual heat to your advantage!  Everyone knows grills stay hot for a while even after your done grilling so use your remaining heat from your grill to keep burgers, dogs, and even buns warm.

Use a muffin tin to dispense condiments. The muffin tin will eliminate the number of dishes you have to wash and keep all the options for condiments in one place.  

Or if you’re on the go use an empty 6-pack container to hold the essentials like mustard, ketchup, napkins, and cutlery!

Don’t run out of propane!  If you want to check the amount left in the tank you can boil some water, tilt the propane tank, and pour the water on the SIDE of the tank.  Now you place your hand on the side of the tank where you estimate the fuel level to be.  Where you feel coolness following the hot water being poured on it indicates there is propane at that part of the tank.

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