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10 Tips to get that Mama “Me” Time

Us moms are true superheroes. From the wise words of Edna, from Incredibles 2, “Done properly, parenting is a Heroic act. Done properly!”. So, mama’s we need to make sure to take care of OURSELVES. By doing this we can give our children the best version of us. It is more than easy to forget how important that mama “me” time is for our own personal physical and mental health but if we do not feel good on the inside we will not be able to give our kids our all. Trust me, I understand the guilt that may come with wanting that “me” time- but you need it! Bellow are 10 “easy” ways to get that little much needed me time.

Go get your nails done!

I usually like to plan it out to only get my toes done or my hands have done, depending on how much time you have. Personally, sitting in that pedicure chair for an hour is a time where I get to relax and regroup after a busy week or I go to start my week! I usually call ahead a schedule a monthly appointment because then I have something to look forward to.

Go grocery shopping without the kids

We can all probably admit to the fact that shopping with the kids is not always the easiest task to complete. So, why not try and run some errands without the kids? Take an hour to get those little things done!

Take a bubble bath

Once all the kids are asleep heat up the bath, light some candles, turn on some relaxing music and close those eyes. Enjoy some time to yourself, you deserve it!

Workout or meditate

Find a workout that you love. Stay active. Even if it is just taking your baby or toddler on a walk to get them to take a nap. I also would recommend some meditation! Whether it be while you workout, or taking 15 minutes to yourself meditation can truly help your mental and physical well being! You can even look up a few easy yoga poses to help you relax and stretch.

Take a nap

Yes, I SAID IT! I know all you mama’s probably have a lot of other things you could be doing but sleep is more than important. If you have a baby, nap with that baby, even if its a cat nap! Sleep will allow you to be your best version of yourself.

Watch a couple of episodes of your favorite show

I personally love binge watching my favorite TV shows but having a toddler I rarely get to do that anymore. Sometimes while my son is napping I throw in a load of laundry, sit on the couch and turn on my favorite show. I may only get to watch one or two episodes but it gives me a little “me” time.

Listen to your favorite playlist

Whether you blast your music on a speaker at home or plug your headphones in, take a break from that kid’s music and turn on your classics! Close your eyes, sing out loud and dance your socks off.

Go to the movies alone, or call a girlfriend

I love seeing a good movie but I rarely get to go see a movie alone. There is nothing like buying a bag of popcorn and some candy, sitting back and watching a movie on the big screen. And it only takes a couple hours out of your day!


Make a morning routine that allows you to start your day positively

I usually wake up before my son, so I make myself some coffee and I will either read a little or watch the news. Once my son wakes up we relax for a little then get our day started. Let me tell you, that 30 minutes of coffee and reading is an amazing way to start my day. You could even do some morning meditating! Even if it means waking up a little earlier to get that alone time.

Journal or do some light reading

Whether it be about you personally, or about your kids take some time to journal! There is one journal I like in particular, MOM’S ONE A DAY. This journal allows you to write down a little something every day for five years! From one year to the next it is fun to see what you did or what was going on during that day the year before. I know it is hard to get time to actually sit down and read a book when the kids are running around but try and find an inspirational book that has quotes to get you through the day! My favorite is the book Soul Vitamins, by Sara Christensen.

I know, as a mom, that it gets a little difficult to find that “me” time. But you need to know that it is more than important. We need to take care of ourselves so that we can give our kids our true 100% selves. Whether it be taking a couple hours to yourself, or even 15 minutes of meditation, something is better than nothing! It may seem like we have more than enough to do throughout the day and taking time for ourselves seems impossible, but it is not. Every once in a while we are allowed to not have all the dishes washed or laundry done. We need to listen to our own body and mind to make sure we are taking care of ourselves.



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