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DIY Glitter Fashion Nails (Emerald)


We are working with Martha Stewart Living for the entire year to come up with some of our favorite crafts using her products!

So far, we’ve made Glittered Mason Jar Terrariums & got to test out her Circle Edge Punch. Last month we made DIY Tote Bags that are perfect for the beach.

This month… I wanted to use glitter… LOTS and lots of glitter.

So I did.

I am such a girly girl and love the idea of glitter on any given day. Today, especially because it’s rainy and it just seemed like the perfect excuse to open up my huge Martha Stewart Crafts Essential Colors Glitter Set, 24-Pack. Sigh.

I call it my 23 pack. One is missing. I’m pretty sure it was the gold one. For this project, I want the pictures to do the talking. It was really fun! I used the Insta-Dry nail polish from Sally Hansen and it’s amazing. The brush is larger than normal which makes it quick, easy and painless.

The color I chose was pretty much a no-brainer even though I had many options to choose from. When my friend and I recently visited NYC, we noticed a huge color trend: EMERALD. everywhere. So with that, I decided to rock that trend, throw on a little glitter and add some nail designs.

Let’s get started… it was pretty fun. The trick to getting the glitter to stick is pretty simple. Leave one nail bare, add a large drop of top coat to the nail and sprinkle the glitter on quickly. Use a q-tip and shape around the nail but don’t mess with it much until it dries. After that, clean around the nail and add another top coat on top of the glitter. You might even want to do 2 extra top coats to make sure that glitter stays.

Before you say it, I know… glitter is a PAIN to get off your nails but here is a trick. Dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover and place it on top of your glitter nail. Wrap the cotton ball and your nail in foil and let the saturated cotton ball sit on top of your nail for at least 10 minutes and then wipe. It’s super easy this way.















I found this to be a fun way to add a little sparkle to your nails. It was a fun, rainy day activity that I wouldn’t mind doing again. Have you ever rocked the extreme glitter look?

Shout-out to Kelsey from Jezebel Mag! We got to meet this past weekend and she planted this fabulous idea in my head.

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