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Beauty 411: Proven Hair Removers That Do Double Duty

Sally Hansen, the hair removal expert, guarantees its innovative hair removal formulas will leave women feeling two times smoother for two times longer than shaving. Visit the Sally Hansen Get Bare Double Dare Facebook page for a wax strip tutorial and coupon offer of $2.00 off for any wax or cr me hair remover.

Ready to take the challenge? Get bare with one of these breakthrough hair removers:

Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Face: Get smooth and stay smooth for up to eight weeks with this fast, easy hair removing kit. Featuring 34 pre-waxed, pre-shaped strips, the kit makes it easy to get salon results at home. Ideal for even short hair, these simple strips don’t need to be heated up in the microwave just rub the strips to heat them up, separate and press on and pull off. The wax formula also helps reduce the appearance of hair regrowth for summer and beyond.

NEW Zero Bumps Bikini Spray: Stop stressing over the irritation and bumps that can develop in the bikini area after shaving and other hair removal methods instead, mist on this soothing spray to soothe, smooth and eliminate bumps and irritation. Created with witch hazel, aloe and soy extract, the fast-acting formula absorbs instantly to keep skin feeling soft and moisturized, while helping prevent ingrown hairs.

NEW Simply Smooth Hair Remover: This advanced water-resistant formula works while you complete your regular shower routine, for a mess-free, stress-free hair removal process in as little as three minutes. Simply Smooth Hair Remover delivers up to six days of smoothness and leaves your skin feeling hydrated all without any unpleasant odor, thanks to Sally Hansen’s breakthrough Odor Less Technology. Formulated with aloe, vitamin E and chamomile, the formula conditions and soothes even sensitive skin. The dermatologist-tested hair removal cr me comes with a built-in spatula for easy application and storage.

WHAT THEY COST: Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Face, $5.99; Simply Smooth Hair Remover, $10.99; Zero Bumps Bikini Spray, $7.99

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Sally Hansen products are available at chain drug stores, food stores and mass merchandisers nationally.

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