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Three New LaCroix Flavors To Try

I have been a fan of LaCroix ever since my husband first introduced me to them. You see, in the past… I was a soda girl through and through. I frequently enjoyed sipping on soda and really thought nothing of it. To say I was oblivious to the effects that I had on me was an understatement.

Many years back now, my husband cut out drinking sodas to cut empty calories out of his diet. It was the easiest and simplest thing that had to go he said. When he told me drinking three sodas through the day was the caloric equivalent of about 14 cups of broccoli and nowhere near as good for you, I paid attention. I guess I was just blissfully unaware of that fact.

Now a soda for me is a rare treat. Few and far between does a soda grace my lips. But do I feel like I am missing out? The answer is no. Both my husband and I replaced our soda cravings with the 0 cal, zero sodium, zero artificial sweetener, zero sugar drink, LaCroix.

LaCroix has a great light and refreshing flavor to it, without all the junk. It still has the carbonation that I am used to, but infinitely better for me. I am happy to say that LaCroix not only changes the way I think about my food and drinks, but how I live my life in helping me get soda out of our home and leaving it for the rare treat here and there.

LaCroix always made fantastic flavors, but the exciting news is that they now are offering three new flavors in their curate line.


Kiwi Sandia (Kiwi Watermelon) was the first one I tried. Definitely the most flavorful out of the new flavors, the watermelon taste is quite impressive. If you are new to LaCroix I would have to say that this flavor is most like a soda. It’s got a powerful punch, without all the bad junk in it.


Melon Pomelo (Cantaloupe Grapefruit) was the flavor I had on deck next. A little bit of tart and a little bit of sweet made this the perfect drink for a hot afternoon. Truth be told after a long day with a crying baby I only could imagine that this would make the perfect healthy mixer for an adult beverage. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great on its own… but hey, long hours being a mom and I could use a wine spritzer!

Last but certainly not least is the M re Pepino (BlackBerry Cucumber). Definitely the lightest flavor of the three, this is by far my favorite. Equal parts cool cucumber and fruity blackBerry these didn’t last long in my home at all. Insanely refreshing, there really is nothing like it. Not only is this my favorite soda replacement, but this is my favorite new drink all together.

Want to share in the excitement of LaCroix’s new flavors? How about a chance to win a year supply for yourself!!!? Head on over to our Instagram for our contest!


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