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20 Cheap and Easy Holiday Crafts to do with the Kids

Construction Paper Penguin

Make a body out of black construction paper and then make a smaller head. After that, cut out a small circle of white paper for the penguin’s little belly.

Marshmallow Snowman for Hot Cocoa

This is such a fun craft to make the kids extra happy about their hot chocolate! Grab 4 pretzel sticks (for the snowman’s arms and legs), three marshmallows, and some frosting (for the buttons, eyes, and nose). The pretzel sticks will help your snowman stay on the cup!


Cookie decorating

I know that baking with a child can be a little more than stressful. What I like to do is get the baking done at night while the kids are sleeping but then have decorations ready the next day so that the kids can decorate the cookies without having to try and be patient waiting for the cookies to bake!

Mason Jar Santa Suit

Mason jars are such cute decorations, to begin with, so why not turn them into a fun craft for the kids? An easy way to turn a mason jar into Santa is to stuff red tissue paper into the jar, glue black buttons onto the front of the jar, and lastly create a belt to put around the jar.

Mason Jar Snow Globe

Forget the mess of putting water and glitter into a mason jar to create a snow globe but instead, fill the jar with cotton balls to create a “snowy” feel. Then add any other holiday decorations such a tree and deer to create a snowy winter day.

Christmas is such a fun time for our children! It is a time where we truly get to see our kid’s imaginations grow and a smile that lights up a room comes out of them. I hope these crafts can get your kids, and you, into the holiday spirit!



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