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20 Cheap and Easy Holiday Crafts to do with the Kids

Popsicle Snowflake

Grab five snowflakes and scatter them on top of each other so the centers all meet and then glue them together. From here, paint them white and then you can add any gems or glitter to them to add a little bling.

Thumbprint Reindeer Ornament or Picture Frame

This is another cute gift that your kids can give to your children’s grandparents. Pick different color ornaments and paint your child’s thumb. After that paint some antlers, eyes, and a smile to create a cute little reindeer.

Thumbprint lightbulb Ornament or Picture Frame

With this little craft, grab different colored paints and then paint your child’s thumbs and go around a picture frame to create a fun thumbprint strand of lights around your children’s Christmas picture.

Clothespin Snowman

Grab a pack of snowman, paint (white, orange, and black) and create a snowman. Then you can use the snowman to hang up Christmas cards around the house!

Construction Paper Reindeer

Get brown construction paper to begin. Then, cut pieces of construction paper to create a “ring” or “circle” for the deer’s head and the body. After that, cut out four smaller pieces of paper for the deer’s legs and then a tail and antlers.



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