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20 Cheap and Easy Holiday Crafts to do with the Kids

Candy Cane Reindeer

A fun way to spruce up a candy cane is to grab some pipe cleaners (brown) to create antlers and grab a couple eyes to stick on there. This is a fun and easy craft, assuming that you most likely already have candy canes in the house for Christmas anyways!

Footprint Christmas Trees

I love this craft. I actually helped my son make these for a Christmas gift to give his grandparents. Grab white construction paper, green paint, and pick out some multi colors for ornaments/ lights. Once you have the materials, paint your kiddo’s feet and place the painted feet on paper and you have a Christmas Tree!

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Paint a pinecone green and then glue beads around the pinecone for the ornaments.

Paper Plate Elf

This is a fun and easy one to do at home with the kids. All you need is a paper plate and paint to create the elf’s face and then a second plate to cut out the elf hat.

Snowflake “puzzle” Ornament

Do you have an old puzzle that has been collecting dust in the closet? Well, grab a few pieces and paint them white then glue them all together and create a snowflake.



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