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Become a Toy Maker With These Fun DIY Ideas

There is something about mini’ items that children just love. Mini houses, mini cars, mini pretend food. It makes sense because, well, they themselves are, shall we say– mini. To us those items are small, but to them, they are these huge important necessities where they can let their imaginations expand and explore. Have you ever seen a kid get excited over a box and turn it into a rocket ship? Exactly my point. Imagination station around every corner. While the fact that a simple box can bring them so much joy, we obviously don’t want to leave piles of boxes around the house and yard and call it a day. So, we explore those mini everything’s and find out what makes their imaginations reach for the stars.

As we sort through options to see what might be the best fit for them, it quickly becomes apparent that there are many options. Almost too many. Along with that, those mini items, don’t quite have a mini price tag to match its size. If anything, there are some doll beds out there that cost the same as a human-sized one. And some of those toy cars, are as much as a tank of gas in a hopped up Expedition. Now, it’s understandable that quality plays a part in products. But when we are looking at a mini race car track that costs $200, I better be able to test drive my own car on it and have that track still be intact when it’s all over. It’s normal for us to want our kids to have things that make them happy. Seeing them play and hearing the things they come up with while they are doing so, is one of the awesome parts of being a parent. It’s fun for us to surprise them with something we know is going to make them say, “Oh my gosh! Thank you-thank-you! This is for me?!” It’s almost so fun and enjoyable that it makes up for any price tag. But wouldn’t it feel that much better if you could slip some awesome, imagination feeding, heartwarming toys in there that you know aren’t going to dent your wallet? Better yet, imagine if you made them. And whether it’s something you do on your own to surprise your kids with or something you tackle together, it’s possible.

There’s something about being able to put your own character into an object that makes it feel extra special. And it doesn’t even have to be super extravagant. It can be as simple as taping a few items together and tossing some paint on it. But you can get all in on a project and really make it unique. And yes, even DIY projects can fluctuate in price. But that’s the beauty of it, it’s not set, it moves. And you choose from so many different variables on where you want your end cost to be. Best yet, it’s fun. And with kids, it is a time spent making memories and becoming mini toy makers together. So depending on what your kiddo is into, here are some suggestions and ideas on how to make your own toys at home.

Outdoor Race Track

I know where the kids would be if someone built this in their yard. This is such a neat concept to build the racetrack into the ground. Talk about a track that will stay intact! Not to mention the amount of creativity that goes along with it.


Felt Car Play Mat-House

This multi-functional car mat is both useful and fun. It appears to be a cute mini house, but one it unfolds it turns into a whole town. Once your kids are finished playing, they can tuck the cars back inside and fold it back up into a house.

Cardboard Car Wash

Who has kids that love going through the car wash? Now, which parents love rolling down the back windows when the water or dryer part is going off? Raise those hands. Now, give your kids a chance to put their own cars and dolls through their own mini car wash.

Wooden Ride-On Car

This is a little car that you would even want to take a ride in. Might as well turn this into a bus, because all the kiddos on the block will want a turn riding on this beauty!


DIY Play Kitchen for Under $90

Play kitchens are without a doubt, a toy that is always fun for anyone of any age to play in. Maybe it’s because everyone knows that’s where all the good stuff is. I know I still get excited exploring in any kitchen. Here are a few cute and simple play kitchens you can build at home.

Now, what’s a kitchen without some food? A sad place. No one wants that! So, here are some adorable play food items to go along with those kitchens.


Plantable Felt Garden Box

Even if the weather outside is unpleasant, let them build their own garden inside. Even better, it won’t require daily watering.

Off Grid Eco Dollhouse

If your child would love to have a dollhouse and you have always dreamt of building an off-grid house but would never actually move into the middle of nowhere, this dollhouse will satisfy both of your dreams!

Peg Doll Animals

These are the cutest peg dolls and your kids will love helping make the adorable faces on these toys. Get creative with funky colors and make them realistic.

Nature Blocks

What a perfect setup for any child’s toys. Whether they turn this into a spot for Peter Pan and the lost boys or let their animal toys run wild, this will select bring a smile to their faces.




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