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Create The Ultimate Kids Table at Your Holiday Dinner

Let’s take a moment to talk about the Cool Kids Table. That’s right, the place where all the kiddos sit. There’s a joke that’s been a long time running about still getting sat at the kid’s table… as if it were a bad thing. Ohhh, but I’m here to tell you, the kid’s table is where it’s at.

It’s the table where little minds are free to wander.
A place where conversations get started by asking what the next child’s favorite color is. All while being easily amused by the silliest of jokes. Plus, they have all the fun snacks and get food first. Mm-hmm, and it doesn’t even matter if they have food on their face during the entire meal. So, really, the kid’s table is the place to be.

Since kids are already pretty easily amused, why not “wow” them with their extra special cool kids table. Oh, it’s no ordinary table. It meets and exceeds any expectation of these creative and curious little minds. It will bring the excitement and conversation out of even the shyest of children, and make them feel right at home.

You’ll be sitting at the adult table, glancing over at your kiddos, almost wishing you were at the cool kid’s table. That’s how fun these bad boys are. Or maybe, you’ll be just fine where you’re at; more than happy to have your own space to eat your food, without interruption. All while knowing your kiddos are having a blast. Either way, these kid tables are sure to impress and far from a disappointment. And you will have a blast piecing it together! When they kiddos arrive and ask where to head, you’ll gladly guide them to their cool kid area.

I Saw The Sign

Create a fun sign that points to the kid’s table. Make it silly, or make it sweet, just make it obvious that it’s their own special place.

Name Placements

Have fun with their names, to show them where their seat is. Mini pumpkins work well, and you can attach a little note to it, showing their name. You can even add a phrase that describes them and makes them feel more comfortable.

Seating Options

Comfort is key. Depending on your set up, you can play around with a variety of seating arrangements. Floor pillows work great, or some fun, extra squishy rugs for them to get comfortable on are awesome. And you don’t have to worry about anyone tipping back in their chairs. Although kid chairs work perfectly fine as well, you can add a few pops of color to them. Either with balloons, flowers or a few fun streamers.

Mini Pie Snacks

Dessert before dinner?! Not necessarily. Create cut out pies from paper, and fill them will some light snacks, such as; popcorn, trail mix or fruit. Just a little something to keep them busy and fill their bellies just enough.

Tablecloth Fun

Another fantastic way to keep them entertained is providing extra fun with their surroundings. Like a giant coloring sheet, for example. Win! A large sheet of butcher’s block paper will do the trick. Rather than a fancy cloth to cover the table, give them space to color and create. You’ll want to stop by for a doodle or two as well.

Coloring Tools

Obviously, you can’t just leave them there with a coloring sheet that’s larger than life, without something to color with. Lay out some cups or buckets of different coloring options. Colored pencils and crayons are probably the best because no one wants to find out how many places a marker can end up.

Handy Activities

Alongside the coloring, offer a few other options as well. Play-doh is a lot of fun, and will certainly keep them occupied. An alternative to that is Floam. It’s less of a mess and will keep the fun rolling.

Creating dough balls for them is another great option as well. Something that’s still sticky, but less messy are stickers. And they can stick those little pictures all over the table if they’d like. If you’d rather not deal with any extra stickiness for the day, or would like to add in another option; Finger Puppets are a blast!

Dinner Party Games

Everyone loves a good game, especially kids. It’s also a fun way for them to warm up to each other. Not that it always takes longer, but this could be extra helpful for the kiddos that are just meeting each other for the first time. Holiday Bingo is always a hit. But if they’re itching for movement, send them on a little adventure with I Spy. Provide a checklist of things for them to find, and they can wander around in excitement until their list is complete.

For us, adults, gone are the days of sitting at the cool kid’s table. But now we get to learn that it’s just as much fun putting them together. Creating a space where big memories are being made for tiny people, is a special thing. So have fun and make the most out of your holiday dinner this year.



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