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6 Creative Uses for Shoe Organizers

Image Source: DIY Ideas

Hanging shoe organizers are very versatile and I’ve seen so many creative uses for them, that it would be crazy not to mention a few! Here are our favorite uses for shoe organizers, besides the obvious.

1. Floating bar:
Use a sturdy organizer to store wine and liquor bottles, a cocktail shaker, bar tools, and towels.

Note: Before doing this, I would suggest making sure the organizer is sturdy on the wall, using drywall anchors if possible!

2. Storing art supplies:
A plastic version is perfect for holding paints, pens, brushes, markers, clay, and more.

3. Declutter the bathroom:
Keep soaps, razors, tonics, and sprays from crowding countertops and the medicine cabinet.

4. Separate socks:
Keep all your panty hose, tights, and socks untangled and in full view in a clear plastic version.

5. Arrange gift-wrapping supplies:
Wrapping presents goes faster when you can find the bows, ribbons, tape, scissors, and cards without digging around in a box or a drawer.

6. DIY Planter:

Source: Green Upgrader

This is probably one of my absolute favorite uses for a shoe organizer. For those limited to yard space and need a great way to store your herbs, this solution will do the trick. Visit the link for DIY details.

What do you use a shoe organizer for?

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    To hold my bulk spices.

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