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Beauty Find: Savannah Bee Company – Honey Body Wash


These new Honey Body Washes from Savannah Bee Company are designed to gently exfoliate and clean skin for a soft glow without over-drying or stripping. This wash uses whole Propolis and raw royal jelly, not to mention its healthy dose of pure Savannah Bee honey. Provitamin B5 further enhances the product’s moisturizing properties, helping to prevent the drying effect associated with many soaps and personal cleansers. With the sweet and earthy bouquets of Lemongrass-Spearmint, Tupelo Honey, and Wild Blackberry you’ll bee inspired.

Honey is a gentle cleanser that exfoliates your skin naturally.

Honey creates its own hydrogen peroxide and moisturizes so it is the perfect natural cleanser.

Royal Jelly is a complex protein that promotes elasticity in the skin.

Honeybees use Propolis to seal and protect their hive, which does the same for your body.

We highly recommend these! Great stocking stuffers.


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