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Bedroom Renovations: Start 2022 with a fresh look

We spend a whole bunch of time considering how we might renovate our reception rooms: the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom. We trawl the web for inspiration for hours when it comes to the public spaces in our homes.

But we often forget to consider how we might transform our own bedrooms. I mean, we’re asleep most of the time we’re using them, so why does it matter what our bedroom looks like, right?

When most of us think about bedroom renovations, we’re thinking about our kids’ rooms: introducing vibrant colors and funky furniture to transform their dens into boudoirs they’d be proud to share with their friends.

But what about us, hey? We deserve something decadent, tranquil, and elegant as well, you know.

This article explores the latest trends in bedrooms for 2022. We’re going to look at the layout, color, furniture, and accessories that bring hygge to our most private of spaces.

Put your feet up. And dare to dream!

Earth Tones

This space truly celebrates muted tones, bringing tranquility and airiness to this mid-sized bedroom. The minimalist bed frame sits on sustainable cork flooring, while the duvet cover borrows from this earthy palette with a terracotta splash that exudes comfort and ease.

If you examine the space, the color wheel relies on the floor rug, which defines the overall palette for this peaceful boudoir. The little pop of red in the rug feels like an opportunity missed in this particular master bedroom.

Inspired by your travels

This gorgeous space transforms a fairly basic modern bedroom into something quite sumptuous. It’s difficult to miss the Azteka inspirations here, with the woven rugs and the bed throw, while the wall art is eclectic and imaginative.

The deep dark denim blue of the feature wall dampens the liveliness of the geometric patterning, creating an impressive foundation that allows the wood of the bedroom furniture and the gold of the sun art space to coincide comfortably.

Practicality and style

It’s all very well striving for an exotic tonal palette, but sometimes you really need to think practically (and beautifully). It can be a shame to sully a small bedroom with tons of furniture, but every home needs its storage.

So, this pneumatic bed storage idea offers the best of both worlds: a beautiful piece of understated furniture and hidden storage space that negates the usual under-bed scramble.

It’s worth taking note of how this lovely bedroom makes use of a stony color palette, with several shades of grey bringing statuesque serenity to this minimalist space.

A Little of a Lot

From warm minimalism to exotic maximalism: feature wallpapers are all the rage in 2022.

And this fantastic Japanese-inspired freeze in tones of black, deep grey, and gold is plenty to inspire rest in your own opulent little palace, fit for an emperor.

This backdrop demands luxurious tactility, expressed perfectly by plush silks, chenilles, and velvets that dress the bed, while gold ripples into the bed-end cabinet frame and the cushion designs.

Simply stunning from floor to ceiling.

Don’t be boring

And while we’re on the floor-to-ceiling looks, it’s time to consider pattern. Once upon a time, ceilings were white: period. But it’s possible to make a small bedroom feel larger by using ceiling patterns and/or dark hues.

It seems counterintuitive, but it’s true to say that colored ceilings are the well-kept secret of 2022, demonstrated wonderfully by this glamorous palm wallpaper in teal and mustard. They’ve even painted the walls and ceiling rose in a princely deep blue, which brings levelness to the crowded tessellation of the wallpaper.

All that excess is brought daintily down to earth with a touch of pink in the bedclothes and mustard in the curtains.

Stylish and funky. Never be afraid to be bold.

Introduce a little plant life

This gorgeous boho space might be considered a little sparse, with its painted brickwork, minimal daylight, and naked pendant light bulb. But the proliferation of plant life brings energy and calm to this stark space, blurring the lines between the outside and the inside.

This is a relatively gloomy space with only secondary daylight, so you need a shade-tolerant species such as ivy – as they have here. In shaded rooms, think of plants that grow on the forest floor, away from direct sunlight, and you’re unlikely to go wrong.

Chill out chic

Remember those chill-out rooms in 90s nightclubs? Well, welcome back. From stark bohemia to maximalist shabby chic, this busy space embraces you with deep dark blues and greens and striking yellows and pinks.

Without the vivacious neon sign, this room would look a little oppressive – almost as though the walls are moving in on you. But the luminescent energy radiating from the bubblegum pink neon gives this elegant boudoir precisely the lift it requires!

Very bouji!

Easy like a Sunday Morning

Alternatively, you can never go wrong with sophisticated simplicity. White rooms are light and airy, but they’re not always conducive to good sleep, especially as the mornings become lighter in the summer.

However, this space juxtaposes the starkness of the white with beautifully characterful wood. The wood grain is stunning in the bedside table, while air plants are an excellent choice for bedrooms, soaking in the moisture in the space. The burnt orange under-pillow elevates the muted buff tones in the bed clothes.

Sophisticated and easy-going. Like a Sunday morning.

Symmetry. Sometimes.

What I particularly love about this exquisite bedroom is its respect for symmetry while avoiding a  slavish adherence to uniformity.

The room is aesthetically symmetrical, framed by the handsome coving that elevates the grandeur of the bay, along with the partner alcoves. All neat and even so far.

The furniture obeys the foundation structure of the design, but it’s the dressing that breaks the rules with genius confidence. The duvet cover is symmetrical but not quite, as is the bedside cabinet dressing and the stylish vase that spills onto piled-up hardbacks.

The central rug rebalances the outliers, bringing a sense of curated stability to this fantastic bedroom.



I hope this article has given you plenty of ideas. Renovation of a bedroom shouldn’t be a chore. Allow your imagination to go a little wild, but use our tips to keep things on track and balanced.

Thanks for reading! Happy renovating!



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