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Book Nook: You Are My Cupcake & We Belong Together Books

Allow me to introduce you to the cutest books you will ever see.

Described by the publisher as, “A scrumptious board book, filled with sweet terms of endearment. This bite-sized board book is an ode to all the names we call our children: cutie pie, sweet pea, peanut, pumpkin. With a candy-colored palette and irresistible art, this is the perfect baby shower gift!” These books retail for $6.99 and will are available wherever books are sold.

Publishers Weekly also just released a review of the book, You Are My Cupcake: “You are my cupcake… My sticky little gumdrop… My mushy little sweet pea,” coos this plucky board book featuring terms of endearment based on cutely personified foods. Embossed for a satisfying tactile effect, Wan’s digitized characters, reminiscent of Japanese animation, have chocolate-brown eyes and rosy cheeks. “Baby, I could just eat you up!” concludes the adoring final spread. All that’s left of the cupcake is its smiling, green liner. Presumably, no actual cupcakes were harmed in the making of this crowd-pleasing plum. Ages 4-8. (Aug.)” (

We own these books and we love them. I wish I could display each page on the wall. They are adorable and I think your children would love them too.

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You Are My Cupcake (Scholastic/Cartwheel August, 2011)
ISBN-13: 978-0545307413

We Belong Together (Scholastic/Cartwheel September, 2011)
ISBN-13: 978-0545307406

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  • Lisa M.

    I don’t really call them anything sweet like that, I have called them cutie pies…these look like cute books!

  • Mandee

    I just purchased “You Are My Cupcake” last week. I plan on reading it to my 5 y/o son, whom I like to call Little Bear and to “my little gumdrop” who is due this September!

    Medium Bear!

  • Ben W

    Pumpkin is a fav we like to use.

  • Amber

    My daughters nickname is cupcake

  • Denise M

    I call her my little cupcake :)

  • anash

    i CALL MY BABY MY LITTLE EMUFFIN! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  • Shirley

    We have not called our baby something sweet related, but because she has a lot of gas, my husband has given her the nickname of “farty bunny”. I have read about these two books, looking forward to actually read them to my lil farty bunny!

  • Amy S

    I always call my twins, “Kit” and “Kat”, because that’s all I wanted to eat when I was pregnant!!! Books are SO SO sweet!

  • Chris laquidara

    I have twin boys and call them by sweet peas and sugar bears. These books are fun and fabulous.

  • jennifer

    I have a sweet pea or peanut!

  • Kristin

    I call my daughter my sweet pea and and my little pumpkin.

  • Asianmommy

    Sometimes I call them sugar plum.

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