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Boon Stash: Fashionable & Functional

The giveaway for this post has ended.

Oh hey, Boon Stash… you’re lookin’ good!

A fashionable way to stash your stuff. You know that with kids comes clutter. Tackle that mess and give all those objects a new home with Stash. It looks good in any room of the house, either hanging on the wall or sitting on a counter top, organizing everything in easy-to-find compartments.

You can easily store your little trinkets and various daily must-haves. Stash looks great in the bathroom.

What about the kitchen? All those little lids and tops, have no fear… the Stash has your back on that.

If you are super crafty and want to hang it on the wall, why not? Go for it. Hang up that baby and let your friends drool over this awesome thing.

The possibilities are endless. You see, I have mine in my office! Currently, it is home to every little gadget and knick-knack. Highlighters, stapler, pens, flip camera, you name it.. it’s probably in there! I also thought it would be cool to use the Stash for an herb garden. I will be trying that soon, you know, once I can part from it in my office long enough….

You can view and purchase the Boon Stash on their website here. For $24.99, it’s very worth it. How would you use a stash if you had one?

Oh, wait… what’s that you say? You would really really like if I gave you the chance to win one? I can do that. Yeah, sure… no problem.

How about this…

Enter to win a Boon Stash:

You leave us a comment below and let us know what you would use your Boon Stash for. (ended)

Then… maybe follow Boon Inc on twitter and find them on Facebook. They are super nice and generous after all.

Guidelines: Must be 18 or older to enter and live in the United States, unless otherwise noted. To see our official giveaway guidelines, please visit this link.

That’s it, that’s all. Super easy and fun. Comment below and then be friends with Boon. They make awesome products that you are sure to love. :)

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The giveaway winner has been chosen! Congrats to #44 Amy @ Boston Twin Mommy!

Amy said:
“I would use my Boon Stash for the 1,234,654 pieces of sippy cups, baby utensils and medical things we have for the twins!”

Congrats Amy and Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway! We have a lot more fun things planned. Always check on our Giveaway page to see what the latest giveaways are!

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  • stylinmommy

    LOVE boon and all their products! Would use mine to stash kitchen baby essentials!

  • lisa

    i need this for our home preschool area!! boon, i love you can i get 100 of these k thanks :)

  • Kaydee

    My 6 year old starts the 1st grade on Wednesday :/ so I would use this for all of his art stuff and other random things a child brings home!

  • alexandra

    I would LOVE to use one to hold chalk on our playroom chalk wall. Currently we have a little bucket on the ground that holds all of our chalk, but it is constantly being knocked over. This would be PERFECT!

  • Christy

    I would live this for sunglasses and pens and pencils for the office. Looks so cute!

  • Nicola

    I’d use it in my bathroom!! and then another one in my office :)

  • Susan

    Love Boon products and I have been friends of Boon forever!

  • Miranda H

    I would use the Boon Stash for my baby/toddler spoons, forks, knives, lids and bowls.

  • Miranda H

    I follow Boon Inc on twitter. @MamaHatch

  • Melissa

    Art & craft supplies… or ponytail holders, hair clips, diaper changing supplies… the uses are infinite

  • Miranda H

    I like Boon Inc on facebook.

  • Katrina

    baby kitchen stuff or crayons!

  • Annie Sauer

    I would use this in our home school area!

  • Annie Sauer

    I also like boon on facebook

  • Amanda B.

    Wow, I could use it for a million things in my house! Would be great for my craft area or storing all my baby’s stuff…or it might make an appearance in my classroom.

  • The Knapps

    I would use it to stash baby kitchen stuff…bottles, feeding spoons, etc.

  • davida

    I would love a Boon Stash for all my little girl’s bottle accessories. I feel as if they are taking up my entire kitchen and maybe, just maybe if I had a nifty gadget like this one I will get my precious space back! It is a tiny kitchen after all…

  • Connie T

    We would use it to organize all of our baby things like thermometers, sunglasses, sunblock, finger toys, you name it!

  • fraidy

    baby things

  • Kayleigh Larkins

    I definitely would use my boon stash above the changing table in my nursery!

  • Kellie O'Shields

    I would use the Boon Stash for crayons, scissors, crafts, glue, stickers, and glitter.

  • Ladytink_534

    I’d use it to organize the bathroom

  • Ladytink_534

    I LIKE them on FB~ Jen Tink

  • Ladytink_534

    I follow them on Twitter (@Ladytink_534)

  • Julie


  • Mary Horowitz

    I’d use the Boon Stash for scrapbook supplies! Markers, scissors, ribbons, etc.

  • becca scott

    this would make a fun classroom storage space for me!

  • Stacey Hess

    I’d love to use the Stash to store the endless parts of sippy cups, baby spoons and forks, and bottle accessories that have taken over my kitchen!

  • Kelly W-Y

    I would use this to storage little things that lies around the house. =)

  • Sabrina O.

    I’d love to place one of these in every room of my house! It would be great in the kitchen for all my daughter’s feeding utensils. Great in the bathroom for her toothbrush, toothpaste, lotions, etc. Even better in her room for headbands, hair clips, and brushes. I love Boon products! So sensible and modern!

  • Cheri

    I LOVE BOON!! This would be the perfect addition to my daughter’s craft corner. Imagine not having to beware of flying debris every time she opens her pencil box!

  • Yuliya

    baby #2 is on the way! so I would use it in my bathroom first (it would look great in there!), then convert it into baby goodies stash =)

  • Jessica

    I have several ideas for this one in my house!!! Organizing in my office and bathrooms for starters. Markers, crayons and paint brushes for the kiddo’s. Could even be used for utensils at BBQ’s or other functions :)

  • Christina

    I’d use it for my son’s baby ointments,nail clippers etc on his dresser. thats if my daughter didn’t try to claim it

  • Christina

    follow Boon @sunshyne1977

  • Christina

    like Boon Facebook Christina Brundick

  • Jaime

    I would use this to stash my little ones art supplies.

  • Sarah Hufnagel

    I would definitely use it for my kids art supplies. Love this.

  • cartiea hutcheson

    Would certainly use for binkies medicine destin all the little stuff that you can never find a spot for and remember where you put it.

  • christy

    i would use it for my art supplies

  • Brooke H

    So many things I would use it for! Love the idea of organizing baby’s eating things (pacis, utensils, paci clips, etc), I could really use it for my 4 year olds art supplies, and I love the idea of using it in the bathroom. What a neat product. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Cathleen

    I absolutely LOVE Boon! I have the highchair and it is my fave! I would use the Stash to store his bath necessities and would use another to store his cutlery.

  • Carolyn Palmer

    I would use it to stash all of my little guys bath toys, shampoos, wash cloths.. It would be nice for him to have his own little bathroom cubby

  • I would use my Boon Stash for the 1,234,654 pieces of sippy cups, baby utensils and medical things we have for the twins!

  • Jessica S

    I would totally use this for my daughter’s art supplies….looks very cool!

    I liked Boon Inc on FB.

  • Danielle

    I would probably use it to organize the baby feeding stuff… cups, lids, bowls, utensils, etc. I just use extra cups to hold some of the smaller things right now.

  • Amber Reid

    I would use them in the nursery. For q-tips, binki’s, desitin and others

  • Jessica

    I love Boon products. I would use it for baby supplies (pacifiers, lotion, bows, etc.)

  • Cartiea via Facebook

    I sure hope I win however good luck to everyone else that entered.

  • Christy W.

    Boon products are super neat! I’m a Virgo and it’s very important to me to teach my son how to be organized and orderly, so I’d use it in his play room for him to keep his art supplies organized.

  • Kait P.

    I am a Boon addict! I would use the staff for the million eating utensils we have for my son!

    Thanks for the chance!

    • Kait P.

      And by “Staff” I mean “Stash”…sheesh, I need a nap!

  • Amber

    Definitely going to need more than one of these bad boys! I’m thinking nursery, both bathrooms, one at my desk and another for the wall next to my drafting table. So many possibilities!

  • Amanda Klenner

    I would totally use it at my inside garden station where i start seeds and stuff. It would probably have paints and stuff in it too for my crafts.

  • Amanda Klenner

    Like boon stash on fb

  • Kimberlee Adams

    I would probably use this product in the bathroom…..thats where alot of the clutter is at…

  • Natalie

    What would I use it for? Hmmmm…..let me count the ways! Haha! WELL! With 6 little ones between the ages of 12 and 6 months, and homeschooling one of them, plus beginning a tutoring business…this would be AWESOME!
    Would I be weird to totally want this in the bathroom?? toothbrushes, toothpaste, flossers, brush, comb, lotion…etc!!! When you have 5 children sharing a bathroom it gets CRAZY!

    I’d love this for my “school” area for my junior higher! He always starts out with his desk drawer organized but ends up with paper clips, pens, pencils, sticky notes, stapler, calculator, ruler, protractor, compass…I could go on and on!

    Seriously, though…the girls’ room would be ideal! I have two daughters (one is the baby), and need a system to keep track of their adorable hair ties, bows, headbands, flower clips, necklaces, bracelets…SUCH FUN STUFF! (My favorite area for SURE!)

    OH! You know what?!?! It would be perfect in the living room! Right before I leave the house, I’m always looking for the baby’s “stuff”! You know which stuff I’m talking about! The binky, the binky holder, the Bobolong (which is amazing!), her froggy, her burp rag, my nursing cover, her teething toy… Okay, that would be WONDERFUL!

    My husband needs this more than anyone, though. I’m not even kidding. He loses track of which are his work keys, his personal keys, then he has his miniature lock-out tool kit (he does part time repo work), plus his key chain with his “work in progress” vehicle keys (don’t ask), and then he has a key chain with nail clippers/utility knife set/bottle opener (mostly for camping). But he’s always looking for one or two of his key chains, his special pens for work, his magnetic name tags and he would be able to always empty his pockets right into these! It would even be great for his millions of papers with notes from work that get left on his desk!

    I guess, I’ll stop there…but I really could go on! Haha! But the bottom line is this: What an amazingly simple product, that is totally a genuis idea! I want it!

  • Natalie

    I liked on FB!!!! Of course! LOL!

  • Natalie

    I’m following Boon Inc on Twitter!!!! :-D

  • Melanie Ivie

    This would be functional all over my house! It would probably be best in the kitchen though!

  • ooohmaaary

    oh! did you already give this away? I need one to hang by the door, to throw keys/sippy cup/sunglasses in! so cute.

  • Katie

    I would definitely use the Boon Stash to organize my son’s bottle accessories, pacifiers, spoons, etc. Right now, all of this is taking up a huge section of my counter. It would be great to get more organized!

  • Katie

    I just liked Boon on FB!

  • Callie S

    Gotta love Boon!

  • Gianna Patton

    I could finally get some order happening in my bathroom with this – and it’s so stylish! *love*

    [email protected]

  • Gianna Patton

    I liked Boon on FB (Gia Patton-Judge)

    [email protected]

  • Gianna Patton

    I follow Boon on Twitter (@giapett)

    [email protected]

  • stef

    Id use it to organize kids crafts! Its perfect!

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