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HOTmilk Lingerie – Not Your Ordinary Unmentionables

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, chances are you own a a few nursing bras. One thing we can probably all agree on is that you wouldn’t put the words nursing bras and sexy in the same sentence. Well that’s where HOTmilk has proven us wrong.

I love everything about HOTmilk! I’ve heard so many moms complain about how plain and boring their nursing bras are so I am really excited to share this company with you. The best part about HOTmilk is that not only do they make some gorgeous nursing bras, they make underwear, nighties, and PJ’s which call all be worn for breastfeeding AND pregnancy!

“As important to us as the fit, support and practicality of our HOTmilk lingerie is that you will look and feel feminine, sexy and empowered! Pregnancy and being a new mother can be challenging and wearing plain lingerie certainly doesn’t lift the spirits. HOTmilk specialises in sexy, feminine lingerie made from exquisite fabrics and laces, embellished with satin and diamantes. Our bras and tops are beautiful and practical with no-fuss, one-handed maternity clips for quick and easy breastfeeding.”

HOTmilk has also done their part in supporting Knickers for Africa. They shipped off over 6,500 sets of brand new HOTmilk Lingerie, along with tens of thousands more which were gathered by their stockists and wearers of HOTmilk Lingerie who came on board to help out by donating good quality, pre-loved lingerie and stock over-runs.

“A wonderful woman whom we had the good fortune to cross paths with, ex-pat Zimbabwean, Morag Roy, spoke with a local priest in Zimbabwe on one of her trips to her home country and was dismayed to hear of the ongoing sexual abuse suffered by thousands of women and young girls there, particularly in the villages. When the priest explained that by simply owning and wearing a set of lingerie the perceived status of women is elevated, Morag, was determined to do what she could. And so were we!”

As if Hotmilk wasn’t super generous already, they are giving our readers 20% off from now until the end of September 2011! Enter code: MOD20DISC at the end of checkout.

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  • Julie via Facebook

    Gosh dang! ;) I wish these were out when I was breast feeding :/

  • Valere

    That is soo funny! My fiancee just asked if there was lingerie for Preggo Mommies! LOL!!!
    Now he can by me some!!

    Thank you!!

    P.S. Maybe I CAN get my sexy back while pregnant!

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