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Charlie Banana Diapers – The Best of Both Worlds

When I first started on my cloth diapering adventure I knew Charlie Banana was one diaper I had to own. I simply fell in love with their style, fit, and simplicity. For someone who is fairly new to this whole cloth diapering scene, that was important to me. I needed to feel comfortable and confident with a diaper that I knew would be easy for me to use on my son.

One thing that completely sold me was the “2 in 1 diapering system.” My mom is scared of cloth diapering and she watches my son while I am at work. I wanted to ease her into this process and Charlie Banana has made that completely possible. How does the “2 in 1 system” work?

the “1” – Charlie Banana diapers have a front pocket which makes stuffing your diaper with a washable insert easy. I also like that you can not see the pocket from the outside of the diaper.

The “2” – Charlie Banana makes a disposable insert that easily tucks into the front pocket for special occasions or easing yourself or a daycare into cloth diapering. It is a great option to have since not all daycares (or family members) are comfortable changing a cloth diaper.


Charlie Banana is truly everything I had expected and more and has easily become my favorite diaper to use, In fact, my son will be wearing them for his first birthday pictures! We have been testing our CB diapers for a few weeks now and they have been put to the test. They fit better than other pocket diapers we own, the colors haven’t faded with multiple washings, and he has not leaked in them overnight (HUGE PLUS).

I would highly recommend Charlie Banana to any person interested in making the switch from disposables to cloth!


Not only does Charlie Banana rock, but they proudly support Operation Smile, an international medical charity that provides free reconstructive surgeries to children suffering from cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities. One surgery costs as little as $240.00 USD, and Charlie Banana will donate 1% of all sales worldwide towards this effort. By purchasing Charlie Banana products, you can help change a child’s life. We thank you for your support.



You can visit Charlie Banana at:


They are friendly!
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***Disclaimer- I received some diapers to review, but the words written above are strictly my own!***

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  • Jessica

    Great review Jasmine! I will definitely be using these when I have another!

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