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Breastfeeding Basics

Today is the kick start to what I’m calling the Breastfeeding Basics. If you missed my intro post sharing my personal story and struggles with breastfeeding you can find it here.

Now that I’ve officially terrified all you new moms out there, I’m hoping this little series of posts will offer some helpful tips for your breastfeeding journey.

Tip #1:
If you are contemplating breastfeeding the first thing I would do is take a breastfeeding introduction course. Many hospitals, birthing centers, doulas and even some baby stores offer this great course that covers everything from the mechanics and hormones involved in breastfeeding, positions, troubleshooting and resources for additional support. Taking a class like this is a great start to learn more of what to expect in those first few days and is a great way to meet other women who are also beginning their breastfeeding adventures. Make friends and trust me, you will lean on and offer support to these women in the near future!

If you can’t find a class in your area hit the book store, youtube, google and tap real life resources like yo mama, friends, etc…


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