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CleanWell Hand Sanitizer- A better alternative


There are two things I always have to have on me. Chapstick and hand sanitizer. Seriously, the thought of leaving home without either freaks me out.

When I went to the Stroller Strides grand opening, Misty the instructor walked around asking everyone if they wanted to use some sanitizer after the class. Of course I said yes and instead of globbing some gel on my hands she sprayed it. Okay, thats cool, sanitizers come in sprayers now but this one was different than any other one I have tried and trust me… I have tried a lot! I was so intrigued by this sanitizer that I googled them once I got home to learn more.

CleanWell hand sanitizer kills germs with a patented formulation of essential plant oils. The active ingredient is thyme, which is proven to kill 99.99% of germs.

I love this product for quite a few reasons.

1- This is an ALL NATURAL sanitizer. No alcohol is used which makes me feel confident using it on my children.

2- It does not dry my hands out.

3- The smell is not over powering

4- It absorbs into my skin quickly and I am not left trying to fan out my hands to get them to dry.

5- It sprays (actually, I think this is my 5 year olds favorite. He thinks it is the coolest thing ever!)

6- It’s slim design allows me to put it in my pocket when I am not able to carry my purse or diaper bag.

7- I have been using it for over a week, multiple times a day, and I still have plenty left. This sanitizer will last me for quite some time.

8- I can’t accidently squeeze too much

9- Doesn’t sting cuts

10- They are out of San Francisco! Not that this is a big thing, but it makes me happy since I live close to SF and it’s great to see some amazing companies come out of the bay area!


I seriously could go on! This is the only sanitizer my family and I will be using from now on.



Here’s a little about their hand sanitizer from the CleanWell website:

Naturally Antibacterial
Kills germs
Gentle on sensitive skin
Benzalkonium Chloride free
Readily Biodegradable
No harsh chemicals
Fresh pleasant scent
Kid safe formula
Never tested on animals
No gloppy gels
Won’t sting cuts
4x more uses per oz. than alcohol gels
Leaves skin soft


While stalking their website for a while after I got home from Stroller Strides I came across the story behind who they are. Behind this company is a story of strength, inspiration and hope. “Twenty-five years ago my son, Conor, would have been considered a bubble boy. He was born with an extremely rare and dangerous condition; a severe immunodeficiency that made the simplest childhood activities – a scraped knee, a cold, even contact with other children – potentially life-threatening. Today, he leads a relatively normal life. He goes on family vacations, trains in gymnastics, and attends school, thanks in part to the germ-killing formula that my mom and I developed from a plant essential oil.” Read more HERE


CleanWell is offering our readers 15%off products on their website through 6/30/11. Enter code CWSUPER


For more information on CleanWell and their products, please visit their website at:


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  • Jess

    Oh wow! This seems pretty cool. Can’t stand the alcohol feeling in regular anti bac.

  • Kaydee

    Yay for 15% off I’ll be getting some!

  • Kim D.

    I like that it’s all natural and even better with the 15% off.

  • Alyssa

    thats the first one i have ever seen that is alchol free! wonderful! that makes it more safe :D

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