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Breastfeeding Basics: Part 3

After delivering my son I was so anxious to get out of the hospital and back to my own comfy bed that hubby and I pushed for a 24 hour hospital discharge. While it was great to be in our own cozy environment surrounded by friends and family to care for us I would recommend to any first time mom staying the full 3 days and utilizing the nursing staff and lactation consultants as much as possible. Taking advantage of these expert resources is the perfect start to your breastfeeding journey.

The nurses work every single day with first time breastfeeding moms and babies and their experience is something I wish I had taken more advantage of. Nurses can also help relieve some of the anxiety and stress that us first timers experience wondering if our baby is getting enough to eat, pooping enough, peeing enough and on and on. In addition to this breastfeeding support the hospital provides three perfectly balanced and better yet fully cooked meals meaning all you have to do is rest, enjoy your little one and work on that perfect latch!

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  • Jessica

    what a great post!! for the first two weeks after i had my little, i had a really hard time with bf’ing. i wish i knew then what i know now.

    • Heather

      Same here! I’m hoping these little tid bits of things I’ve learned along the way will help out some new mamas and I’m so looking forward to baby #2 (someday) now that I know what to do/avoid and look for!

  • Brittany b

    Good nurses are crucial for a first time mom…especially when it comes to breast feeding!!

  • Emily

    I totally agree to stay the full 3 days! I did, and I got so much great advice from the lactation consultants that come through. Just little tips that that made a WORLD of difference in a good bfing experience.

    Great advice, Heather!

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