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Father’s Day Card from Tiny Prints

Hi All,
Just wanted to stop in and let you know of an awesome offer from Tiny Prints for a Father’s Day Card! We are huge fans of Tiny Prints. Check out these adorable cards you can get:

Link: Free Father’s Day Card
Expires: 6/13/2011 (ends at 12pm)
Make sure to use code: FREEFD

I’m currently eyeing the mustache card. Why wouldn’t I be? It rocks!

Love, Modern Day Moms

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  • via Facebook

    The mustache card is my favorite! – Jessica

  • via Facebook

    Quick note, I just did it, and it was free! I had the card sent to me first so I could send it. I didn’t have to pay shipping or anything.

  • Brittany B.

    already ordered mine..can’t wait until it comes!!

    • Jessica

      Ooh! Which one did you get?

  • Jasmine

    I ordered one too! So excited!

  • via Facebook

    I got the mustache print for my dad! – Jessica

  • Jess T.

    I got one for my husband and one for my stepdad! :)

  • Megan via Facebook

    favorite new site!!

  • Kaydee via Facebook

    I tried to get mine but it wouldn’t work from my phone : (

  • Brittany b

    Mine came in the mail yesterday.. I was so pleased with it!

  • Brittany M.

    Thanks for sharing this!!! I made my hubs a sweet and really cute card (I used the daughter one) and I KNOW he’s going to love it and best part? It was FREE!! =D

  • Ro via Facebook

    how are they free? I see a BOGO offer but no free offer?

  • Cynthia

    I ordered the free one for my hubby from my kids, then found another special they’re running for buy one get one free on the FD cards, so was able to order one for my dad and one for my husband from me. Total for three cards? $4.25! YEAH! =)

    Thanks MDM’s for the invite!

  • via Facebook

    Ro – Click on the link in the blog post and it will take you to tiny prints. From there, use the coupon code we gave you and it will make your balance 0.00! :)

  • Kim via Facebook

    got mine =)

  • Ro via Facebook

    Got it!!!

  • Alisa via Facebook


  • Melissa via Facebook


  • via Facebook

    Haha, I bet it will still get there on time!! Mine shipped yesterday – JS

  • Melissa via Facebook

    It said the 15th, not bad at all. I just never get on my computer so it took a while… of the iPhone:) lol

  • Brittany B.

    mine came in the mail the other day.. i love it!

  • Veronica via Facebook

    Thanks MDMs! I can’t believe it was totally free! <3 it!

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