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Wine Review: Mad Housewife Cabernet Sauvignon

Welcome to Wine Wednesday! Here you will find new wines at an affordable price. See all of our Wine Wednesday features here. You can also view our Cocktail Corner posts here.

Cabernet Sauvignon… This wine is my favorite type of wine. It is also the hardest wine to please me with. I’ve had my share of some absolutely amazing Cabs and I know what a great one should taste like. Needless to say I was really excited to open the bottle. Surprisingly this was a pretty darn good Cab. It was pretty “light” for a Cabernet but smooth and completely easy to drink!

I’ll have to say that this would be the perfect date night wine for someone on a budget! “Ripe cherries, mint, and mocha characterize this soft, beautiful expression of the grape. The bouquet offers an explosion of sweet preserves while the palate is delighted with the smooth, lush sensations of silky Cabernet.”

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I have been thinking of a special dinner to make for my husband. One thing he absolutely LOVES are short ribs. I was SO excited when I came across a short rib recipe on Mad Housewife’s website. I am definitely no chef but the recipe seems fairly easy. I can not wait to make these and pair it with a Cab from Mad Housewife for my husband. (We will just hide the bottle so he doesn’t realized its a mommy wine- haha).

You can also pair the wine with a pizza. We also love making pizzas at our house. It is something we can enjoy making as a family. While searching the Mad Housewife website, I came across an amazing recipe for homemade pizza. Check out how to make pizza dough from scratch. I can’t wait to have pizza night at our house and use this recipe!


Yes! Another absolutley adorable and clever cork!

If you are looking for a bottle of Cabernet under $10, Mad Housewife Cabernet is definitely the wine to go with. It puts all the other bottles in its price range to shame- with not only its looks but its taste.


To learn more about Mad Housewife, check out their amazing recipes, and order some super awesome gear- then check out their website at



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**(Disclaimer: I received some bottles to taste but the words written above are strictly my own opinion and my love for a great tasting wine for it’s value. I was not compensated for any part of this post)**

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  • Kerry Hall

    I see this at our local store and will definitely give it a try now. Thanks for the review!

    • Jessica

      Let us know if you do Kerry!

  • Jessica

    As usual, great post Jasmine! Can’t wait to read more.

  • andrea

    I love this wine too! I also LOVE Whine-O Wednesdays :)

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