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Check out one of our Favorites: Budsies!!

Has your child ever created a drawing that you wish could come off the page and come alive? With summer upon us, we are always looking for more and more fun activities, but also ones that enrich our children and their creativity. Budsies is a fantastic way to let your child know how special they are to you. A perfect way to foster their own imaginations, working on, or picking a drawing and having them sent away only to return with a perfect rendition in snuggly and cuddly form. Budsies is a way to let your child know you fully support and appreciate their artwork and give them something that they can really be proud of.

As a proud owner of two Budsies, I cannot be happier with the way that they turned out. We pick some of our favorite designs that our daughter had drawn, and surprised her with them. She was truly impressed and amazed to see her drawings come to life. Just seeing her face was priceless, but watching her proudly show off her brand new dolls created a memory to last a lifetime.

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