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Celeb Talk: Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a look at how some of our favorite celebrity parents such as Brooke Burke, Jenna Elfman, and Robecca Romijn keep the flame alive amidst diapers and soccer games. We’d also like to blow a super special kiss to our good friends over at Celebrity Baby Scoop for being all-around awesome and always having a finger on the celeb gossip pulse!

Brooke Burke on keeping the romance alive with hubby David Charvez:

“Honestly, we are still in love and we are still incredibly attracted to each other and we love our family so much, but we also value time alone and romance,” Brooke shares.

Brooke also knows how important it is to make time to have intimate moments with each other.

We’re not willing to give up that sexy relationship we had in the beginning just because we’re raising four children together,” Brooke shares. “We make date nights; we don’t always keep them because we’re exhausted, but, sometimes we’ll have a romantic dinner when the kids are sleeping, sometimes we’ll have a nice, intimate lunch when the kids are at school. We’ve just started to take quick, little vacations alone. We never did that when the kids were younger because (he can blame it on me!), but I didn’t want to leave the children. We just make ourselves a priority and, we keep our romance alive by communication and creating a sexy environment by setting boundaries in our home. There are places and spaces that are just for us and I talk about that in the “mood” chapter. I think it’s super important and you don’t have to lose your sense of self and your sense of romance when you have a family.”

Kellie Martin on how she and hubby are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

“You know, we don’t usually do much my husband and I; this is probably our 14th Valentine’s Day together,” Kellie shares.

“I usually make him dinner which is usually really nice. I love to make dinner. That’s probably what we’ll do or we might go out to our favorite sushi restaurant. It’s kind of interesting because we have Maggie and we don’t want to not include her so I’ll probably just make a fun family dinner for us. Something kind of elegant.”

Kellie also discusses the need to have time to laugh together and enjoy each other’s company.

“We definitely do not have enough date nights. We always start date night traditions and we’ll say, “Ok, we’re going to do this once a week,” and then we never follow through with it. It’s very hard to be consistent with that. It shouldn’t be, but it is for us. I think the thing that I find to be the most important is to really make sure you set aside some kind of time together and make sure you have time to laugh together.”

“My husband and I, when I’m not working on location, we both work from home so we spend a ton of time together,” Kellie adds. “I really love the person he is and I think you also need to keep finding reasons to fall in love, every day. Don’t just think about the things that drive you crazy about the other person, remember the things that you love and admire about that person. Keep surprising each other. It’s not always easy to follow through on especially when you have kids. We get so busy.

Kellie also shares how important it is to take advantage of free time.

One of the big things I wish we would all do more of is not over-commit ourselves and just try to clear your schedule when you can and just have a random surprise day of free time where you can go to the zoo or take a walk on the beach,” Kellie continues. “I try to do that when I know that I can, I try to just let us have a surprise day like that.”


Chynna Phillips on her marriage to hunky hubby, Billy Baldwin:

“Things are great,” Chynna reveals.“We’re in a very, very strong place in our marriage. Sometimes when you hit the bottom, you’ve got nowhere to go but up and that’s exactly what happened.”


Billy Baldwin on the secret to his successful marriage with Chynna Phillips:

“That is a conversation in and of itself and has a longer answer, but I will say first of all we are very lucky,” Billy shares. “When we met it was chemical in nature and I’m talking about that thing’ that’s more than physical. I think couples that have this have an unfair advantage. Our connection is special and it makes the relationship come very easy and it takes minimal effort to get well.

“We’ve been together 20 years now and we are in our 40’s so it’s important not to become complacent,” Billy continues. “It’s necessary to ask your partner what they need from you and then try to give it to them. It’s important to at least try and that right there shows that you care. The simple fact is that I told her what I need and she gives a sh*t enough to at least make a strong effort! As long as you’re trying that’s all that matters.”


Niki Taylor on how she and her husband make time for each other with a busy family:


“Burney and I have date nights. Every Sunday after dinner we sit and talk, go over our schedules for the week, etc,” Niki reveals. “For dates we go to the movies, new restaurants, the shooting range, ride motorcycles (when it is nice outside), and cook together. We try to pick one new recipe a week and cook it — from grocery shopping for what we need, to preparing the meal, to eating it together.”

Brendan Fehr on how he and his wife, Jennifer Rowley keep the spark alive:

“We don’t. It’s been tough,” Brendan admits. “We’ve gotten really old really quick in some ways. We turn in at 9 or 9:30 and watch a couple of shows and then fall asleep, and that’s a pretty good night for us. We do talk. We communicate very well in terms of how we want to raise her and deal with day-to-day situations. I think we’re a pretty good team. In terms of romance, it’s definitely something that suffers. Obviously right now, she’s 9 1/2 months pregnant so there’s not too much romance. It’s not always going to be sparks, but we know it will turn around. Through the work and doing it all together, there’s definitely a deeper relationship that we’ve formed through this parenting thing. I don’t have any good advice for anyone. We haven’t failed miserably in that respect, but I don’t think we’re highly successful either. There are just some things you have to sacrifice for a little while anyways. When you’re working through raising a kid, plus we just moved, it’s hard, but we’re definitely closer than ever.”

Giuliana Rancic on the secret to her successful marriage with her husband:

“I think our secret is that we treat each other with respect,” Giuliana shares. “With our show, we wanted to show people a happy, cool marriage where people treat each other well. We have arguments of course, but we never cross the line. I don’t trash him to my girlfriends either- I think that is very important because once you start disrespecting him behind his back, it spills over into the house. We both grew up that way; we came from families where our parents showed each other respect and I think that’s key. We also don’t let our ruts go on to long. Every day is an opportunity to mix things up and change your perspective. And I’m not talking about an expensive cruise here- for example: jog a different route together. It breaks the monotony and changes your conversation.”

Jenna Elfman on the secret to her thriving marriage to Bodhi Elfman:

“We don’t keep secrets from each other and we work our asses off creating our marriage all the time,” Jenna reveals. “It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.”

Wendy Wilson on date nights with her hubby:

“Once in a while we do it and it’s great,” Wendy shares. “Honestly, I would say we do it every 6 months. It’s not enough and we’ve told each other that we need to make more time for each other.”

Laila Ali on what makes her husband a great dad:

“Where do I start?! My husband makes all of his decisions based on what’s best for the kids,” Laila gushes. “He is very hands on. When I leave town for 2-3 days, he takes care of our son the same way I do and I feel completely at ease. He is the best partner I could ever wish for.”

Chyler Leigh on the secret to a successful marriage:

“Time. Time together as much as we can,” Chyler confesses.

“Because we don’t have a lot of quantity time, we make it as quality as possible,” Chyler adds. “A big thing for us is being able to get out of the house to even just look at each other. It’s really important to us to take that time and work on our marriage. To refocus about marriage and take time to build each other up. We’re a huge support system for each other, and we’re a team. We both come from an experience of divorce and difficult family situations. When you go through something like that, you have a choice to genuinely change it and make huge changes not only in yourself, but also in the way you work together. We cherish that. We work really hard to make our family the number one priority no matter what.”

Chantal Kreviazuk on making it work with husband Raine Maida, a popular Canadian rocker:

“We both travel? Just kidding. Well, maybe not,” Chantal jokes.

“I think that one of the major keys to [a successful marriage is] respect, if not THE key, is respect,” Chantal adds. “Respect in how you speak to one another, always being aware of boundaries. And also respect for who each other is – each others’ life force if you will.

“Raine and I have built our marriage on being completely aware, supportive and respectful of the entire life that we had before we met each other, which includes the development of our talents and passions,” Chantal continues. “I think that this respect leads to wonderful things, and for example, we do spend a bit of time apart, doing what we love and need to do. That time apart is important, because we are independent at that time, and we come home not only missing and appreciating home base, but also, as a person who has developed further and has more to bring into the marriage – challenges and new ideas, etc.”

Chantal also discusses how she deals with trust and jealousy in regard to Raine’s rockstar-royalty status.

“Hmm, really good question,” Chantal says. “I am human, but the reality is that I do the same thing that Raine does…I go off into the world of the stage/audience…lots of dynamics, as well.

“We both are people of strong principles and we value our love and our families more than everything. Being a rockstar on the road is fun, but greatest is our family. I don’t know how to entirely answer that, but if I don’t say so myself, ‘I think that Raine is very in love with me, and me only.’ He is a one-woman man.”

Rebecca Romijn on making couple time:

“Absolutely! Actually the best advice I can give to parents of twins is to make time alone with your partner and make sure that’s a priority,” Rebecca shares.

Even if it’s just going out to lunch, Jerry and I make sure that we still have dates together,” Rebecca adds. “At least every other day we try to go and work out or do lunch or something.”

Rebecca also discusses how helpful her parents have been.

“Both of our parents have been extremely helpful. Jerry’s parents live in New York but since the girls have been born, they come out here all the time. They just want to be nearby. When the weather’s bad in New York, they were out here for 6 months and they made themselves completely available to us which was amazing. We actually got a couple weekends away just the two of us which is nice to be able to reconnect. There’s nothing like leaving your kids with their grandparents. You know they’re going to get top-drawer care! His parents are so in love with these girls and they had such a great time with the girls. We had no problem leaving the girls with them.”

Bree Turner on falling in love with hubby Justin Saliman, an orthopedic surgeon:

“We met on fourth of July 2005 in the Hamptons at a club (romantic, I know!),” Bree reveals. “I was taken by his confidence and incredible smile. Being that he lived in NYC at the time, we didn’t have our first date until two months later. We were inseparable from that moment on.”

Nancy O’Dell on falling in love being a family affair:

“Keith and I just made sure we spent a lot of time doing things with the boys (Nancy’s stepsons) in the beginning as well,” Nancy adds. “I would throw the football with them all the time and it was a major turning point when Tyler discovered I could throw a spiral. When Keith proposed, he did it with the boys, so all three of them got on their knees. It was the cutest thing and it definitely made them feel a part of the family union and not just like they were there because it was something their father was doing.

“Also, as part of the ceremony, after our ring exchange, I gave the boys circle bracelets and told them I was so lucky to be getting wonderful sons as well as a husband via the marriage.”

Ali Landry on the secret to a successful marriage:

“I’m trying to figure it out like everybody else! It’s balance,” Ali confesses. “It’s easy for us to put all the focus on our children. They’re young and really need our attention. My husband needs my attention as well. It’s all about finding the balance in our relationship and giving him what he needs, and communicating. Having these getaways is important, whether it’s a date night or dinner alone or quiet time together.”

Melissa Joan Hart on why she and hubby Mark are a good match:

“We respect each other and appreciate each other,” Melissa reveals. “And only one of us gets to be crazy at a time!”

Sarah Chalke on her Valentine’s Day plans and how she and Jamie kept the flame alive:

“Keeping the flame alive is definitely a challenge, but it is so important, but, realistically, everything takes a back seat the first year of a baby’s life,” Sarah shares. “Currently we are making it a real priority to go out just the two of us, and it gets easier as they get older. Now he’s on a regular sleep schedule, so we stay up after he goes to bed and spend quality time together then. As far as Valentine’s Day goes, we don’t have plans yet – but we better come up with something creative!”

Kevin Sorbo on the secret to his successful 20+ year marriage to actress Sam Jenkins:

“I know, I laughed about that with her when we hit our 10 year anniversary,” Kevin reveals. “I said to her this is like our golden anniversary in Hollywood years. I should have had three wives by now [laughs]. I’m not following the typical Hollywood road, I guess.”

Kevin also opened up about how he and his wife balance each other.

“We make it work. It’s a good partnership and relationship. She’s the brains of the family and I’m more the creative one in the family. That goes quite well together. She can look at projects I’m working on, read the script and tell me what the problems are in the script. She’s able to look at the whole picture while I might pick apart a specific scene. That combination works. She’s just a bright cookie. I just use my father’s saying, after 58 years of being together, and he says, ‘I just agree with her. “


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