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2012 Acura TSX Sport Wagon: Life Goes With You

*photo taken by my talented husband*

Wow, I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to test out the new TSX Sport Wagon by Acura. This car is unbelievable. What a perfect car for the family who is looking for something with more room than a car, yet smaller than an SUV.

I have two young boys and we are a very active family. From school, to work, to weekend trips, sports practices and more, I feel like we are always on the go. A car just doesn’t do it for us anymore so I was really anxious to try out the new Sport Wagon and see if this could be something that was suitable for our family’s needs.

The cargo space really sold me on the Sport Wagon. It is big enough to hold my jogging stroller, diaper bag, my oldest son’s scooter and more. The Cargo Space also has two separate storage compartments. We found this really helpful with the diaper bag. We could put the bag into the storage compartment that is under the floor of the trunk and then place the stroller on top without worrying about crushing the diaper bag. It would also be great for Christmas shopping as I could hide the kids’ gifts in it and they would never know.

Here are a few facts about the cargo space:

  • With the rear seats up, there’s 31.5 cubic feet of cargo space as measured below the window line.
  • The 60 / 40 rear seatbacks fold flat with the head restraints in place, doubling the main cargo space to 66.2 cubic feet.
  • One large, hidden compartment flanked by two separate smaller ones lies beneath access doors in the cargo area floor.
  • An additional compartment inside the left wall is designed to hold emergency items such as road flares and a first aid kit that’s available as an accessory.
  • Flat sidewalls and a carpeted floor ease loading and unloading.
  • Cargo hooks in the floor make it easy to secure items in place.


The Acura TSX Sport Wagon has so many wonderful features! One of my favorites had to have been the opening and closing of the tailgate. As silly as this sounds it is a VERY helpful feature. I can’t tell you how many time my hands are completely full with items I am taking in and out of my trunk and I love that on the Acura I can simply press the tailgate button on the key and it will not only automatically open it for you, but if you press it again, it’ll close and latch as well!

My husband’s favorite feature had to be the SportShift mode. The TSX Sport Wagon comes in a 5-speed automatic transmission with Sequential SportShift, paddle shifters and Grade Logic Control. So basically you can drive this automatic like a manual. The gears to shift are on the steering wheel and were a really fun feature to this car. What a great compromise for a couple that can’t decide if they want an automatic or a manual.

The TSX Sport Wagon was probably the most comfortable car I have ever ridden in. Usually after long car rides my neck and back start to hurt, but I never had this issue sitting in this car. Every TSX Sport Wagon comes equipped with sumptuous, soft, perforated leather front seats that provide the ideal balance of indulgence and support. Seriously, I even mentioned to my husband that the head rests felt like little comfy pillows.

Here are some more great features about the front seats:

  • Dual-level heated seats enhance the dual-zone, dual-mode automatic climate control system for added comfort on cold days.
  • The driver will find just the right seating position with an 8-way power seat with adjustable lumbar support, and the front passenger has a 4-way power adjustment.
  • Perforated seating surfaces breathe to provide long-term comfort in hot weather.
  • Deep side bolsters secure you on curves, while the seatbacks support the contours of your back for long-term comfort.

Now onto the rear seats. I didn’t have a chance to test them out, seeing as I have two children in car seats back there, but from my experience with the front seats, I can imagine you would get the same experience. The back seat was roomy and installing the car seats was simple. I love when cars are car seat friendly. Trust me, I am sure you all have had experiences with trying to install a car seat in a car that wasn’t. Not fun!

“With its luxurious rear seats and generous rear passenger room, the TSX Sport Wagon is the epitome of comfort.”

  • Rear seats have the same soft, perforated leather as the front seats.
  • Rear seat room is outstanding for its class, with impressive leg and headroom for passengers over six feet tall.
  • Adjustable vents behind the front center console allow rear passengers to direct airflow.
  • The Acura/ELS Surround Sound System on the Technology Package has strategically placed speakers to give rear passengers the surround sound audio effect enjoyed by front passengers

Let’s talk about storage space. A necessity for moms is storage space! Being a busy mom, this is really important to me. The TSX Sport Wagon is fitted with 13 storage spaces, in addition to several beverage holders. At least six storage spaces are within easy reach of the driver, including:

  • A center-covered storage bin, which contains a USB port, auxiliary audio input and 12-volt power source.
  • A driver’s door bin
  • An enclosed change tray
  • A covered center console compartment
  • An overhead sunglasses case
  • A cubbyhole on the side of the front center console
  • Rear passengers enjoy:
  • Dual beverage holders
  • Bottle holders in the door panels
  • Deep front seatback pockets

A wonderful standard feature to the TSX Sport Wagon is the Bluetooth HandsFreeLink system. It works with many Bluetooth -enabled cell phones to let you receive and initiate phone calls through the TSX Sport Wagon audio system without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

  • A one-time pairing process on a compatible phone enables you to communicate wirelessly, and up to six phones can be paired to the system.
  • When available, an incoming call will display the number if it is entered into the speed-dial list.
  • The phone can then be operated through the vehicle audio system without ever leaving your pocket or purse.

On models with the Technology Package, HandsFreeLink functions can be viewed and operated through the navigation screen. You can download all of your compatible phone’s numbers at one time into the navigation system’s hard drive.

Speaking of the Technology Package, there are many reasons to upgrade this already amazingly great car.

One of the really helpful features that come with the Technology Package upgrade is the Acura Navigation System. The centerpiece of the TSX Sport Wagon Technology Package, is operated by a hard drive and viewed through a full VGA, 8-inch screen, making it faster, easier to read and more useful than ever before.

  • The high-resolution, 8-inch screen is mounted high in the center control panel to minimize eye diversion from the road.
  • You can enter an address or dial a location from its vast destination database, using the interface dial or the Voice Recognition system.
  • The system will plot your path on the map and show special displays to guide you through freeway ramps, interchanges and forks in the road and even provide voiced guidance, if desired.
  • Additional features include Zagat Survey restaurant reviews, available AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic with Traffic Rerouting information and AcuraLink Real-Time Weather that can help you get around delays while traveling to your desired destination.

Another great feature that comes with the Tecnology Package is the TSX Sport Wagon’s dual-zone, dual-mode automatic climate control system allows the driver and front passenger to each create their own microclimate. I can not begin to tell you how great this is! I swear the temperature of the car is always at battle with my husband and me. When he is cold, I am hot or vice versa. So being able to control your own temperature makes for a more enjoyable car ride.

  • Set your desired temperature and airflow distribution however you like. Your front passenger can set an entirely different temperature, and the system will maintain both.
  • When alone, the driver can easily switch off the dual setting and set the whole cabin to a single temperature.
  • Adjustable vents behind the front center console allow rear passengers to direct airflow.
  • Almost all climate control functions can be operated by voice commands
Starting at $31,160.00, the Sport Wagon gets about 22 mpg (city) / 30 mpg (hwy) / 25 mpg (combined). I’ll tell you what, I drive A LOT during the weekdays and I was really impressed with the mpg I received in this car. If you are a family looking for an outstanding car that will live up to all your expectations, I recommend the Acura TSX Sport Wagon!



*Acura provided me with a car to drive and review, but all opinions and examples are my own.

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  • Jess T.

    Amazing review, Jasmine! This car looks like a great option for families… I’m sharing this with my husband and making the “plz can I have it?” face. HAHA!

  • Modern Day Moms

    I want one! – Jess T.

  • Samantha Claire Souza

    If you are interested, I work for the local Acura Dealership! This car is so much fun to drive and the room in the back is fantastic! You can’t beat that gas mileage either.

  • Jessica

    Great review! This car looks amazing. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and had the opportunity to drive it.

  • Anastasia @ Eco-Babyz

    Wow, can we test drive one? Our Accord is two small for our family if four ;)

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